Permanent Solution to the Water Problem in Torbalı's Villages

Permanent Solution to the Water Distress in the Bays of Torbali
Permanent Solution to the Water Problem in Torbalı's Villages

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate took action to provide uninterrupted water to some rural settlements of Torbalı, which are experiencing partial water shortages. İZSU, which has opened new wells in the neighborhoods with problems, continues its efforts to increase the flow rates of the existing wells in the region and to renew the pumps.

İZSU General Directorate teams are working hard to permanently solve the water shortage in the surrounding areas of Torbalı. Pump renewal works continue in Çakırbeyli and Bozköy neighborhoods. When the renovation works are completed, the water supply capacity of the pumps will increase, the pump depth will be lowered and the water shortage in the neighborhood will be completely resolved.

Local people are satisfied with the work

Expressing his satisfaction with the work carried out in the region, Çakırbeyli Headman İbrahim Kabaca said, “The pumps, which had the capacity to deliver 7 liters of water per second before, will start to deliver 10 liters of water per second with the renovation work carried out by İZSU. In addition, the depth of the pumps that supply water to our region will be pulled down, and the water shortage in our neighborhood will be completely resolved. On behalf of my neighbourhood, I would like to thank our President Tunç and İZSU.”

In addition to the 2 drinking water wells in Bozköy, Çakırbeyli and Saipler neighborhoods, which receive service from the drinking water network that works in integration with each other, the production of the drilled well continues. It is also planned to create additional water resources for the permanent solution of the water shortage experienced with the increase in the population density of the villages, especially at the weekend.

Bozköy Headman Bahadır Kun stated that the region is fed with water from Nif Mountain and that the current well is of great importance and said, “Thanks to the uninterrupted works of İZSU teams in our neighborhood and the new water well to be commissioned within 10 days, the water problem of our Bozköy and Saipler neighborhoods will be completely resolved. . We are very pleased with the work done.”

A new drinking water well was commissioned in the villages of Subaşı, Naime and Kırbaş.

A new drinking water well, which serves the villages of Subaşı, Naime and Kırbaş, was commissioned as part of the work planned and implemented to solve the water problem with a holistic approach. In the future, 3 new drinking wells will be drilled in order to prevent problems in the region due to the drying problem experienced due to the decrease in groundwater and to solve the problem radically.

Göllüce, Bülbüldere and Atalan villages have an alternative water source

An alternative water source was created for the villages of Göllüce, Bülbüldere and Atalan, fed by 2 existing wells, and the problem in the region was resolved. While the İZSU teams were continuing the production works of the water well, water was provided to the citizens by connecting the drinking water network of the Yeniçiftlik village of Tire in order to prevent the local people from experiencing difficulties.

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