Alstom Receives Order for 15 Avelia Horizon Very High Speed ​​Trains from SNCF

Alstom Receives Avelia Horizon Very High Speed ​​Train Order From SNCF
Alstom Receives Order for 15 Avelia Horizon Ultra High Speed ​​Trains from SNCF

Alstom, the world leader in smart and sustainable mobility, has received an additional order from SNCF for 15 new generation Avelia Horizon very high speed trains. Voyageurs is worth almost 590 million euros.

The ordered trains are new generation 4-voltage high-speed trains that meet the requirements of European traffic. The Avelia Horizon portfolio achieves ambitious targets in terms of competitiveness in the rail sector and profitability for SNCF Voyageurs, with a 20% lower total cost of ownership than the previous generation.

The Avelia Horizon consists of two innovative short-length, high-performance and compact powerful cars and articulated double-decker buses. Their design allows for a 20% increase in passenger capacity, allowing the train to carry up to 740 passengers while using the most efficient configuration.

Maintenance costs will be 30% lower than those currently recorded by SNCF Voyageurs in France. The sustainability of the train is considered from the design stage with a remote diagnostic system that increases the reliability and usability of the trains and allows predictive maintenance. Many components are optimized to simplify and reduce maintenance interventions and allow longer intervals. Thanks to its aerodynamic design and more efficient traction, new generation high-speed trains will consume 20% less energy than existing high-speed trains.

“This order once again seals the success of the very high-speed trains and the Avelia Horizon platform. “This solution meets SNCF's technological, economic and competitive challenges in an environment of strong passenger demand for low-carbon mobility solutions,” said Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud, President of Alstom France.

This is the second optional tranche of the Avelia Horizon innovation partnership framework agreement for these next-generation very high-speed trains, which has completed an order of 100 trains by SNCF Voyageurs for commercial operation in France.

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