One in 10 Internet Users Own Cryptocurrency

One of the Internet User Owns Cryptocurrency
One in 10 Internet Users Own Cryptocurrency

Doğu Taşkıran, CEO of NFT marketplace Orderinbox, made statements regarding the increase in the use of cryptocurrencies in Turkey. In the statement made by NFT Orderinbox, according to the Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, 10,2% of working age internet users in the world own crypto money, and the rate of crypto money ownership in Turkey, which increased by 86% compared to last year, is 18,6%. It was reported that by reaching .

Doğu Taşkıran, CEO of Orderinbox, the social NFT marketplace for the metaverse, which allows one-click NFT creation and listing, and multi-blockchain, crypto wallet and language access, also stated that he predicts that brands appealing to young target audiences will act in the Web3 and DAO center.

Crypto asset ownership on the rise

The vast universe of cryptoassets and related products or services has been growing rapidly in recent years and is becoming more and more interconnected with the regulated financial system. While policymakers seem to be struggling to keep up with the risks posed by an industry where most activity is unregulated or at best lightly regulated, the number of internet users who own cryptocurrencies is also on the rise. According to the latest digital research published, the proportion of men and youth in crypto-asset ownership is quite high. Doğu Taşkıran stated that metaverse, crypto money and NFTs have started to take place frequently in the daily routine of users in the internet environment, which has now entered the Web3 era based on decentralized and public blockchains. points out that it will help them create experiences.

Brands will touch their customers with NFTs

For the past decade, brands have relied on social media to build their communities. Social media platforms host audiences and give brands leverage to dominate the advertising landscape. However, the fact that this opportunity has become costly, it has become difficult for brand marketing to differentiate from other brands in social media, and it has led to many difficulties such as loss of control over valuable customer data has started to pave the way for different studies. Stating that NFTs re-energize individuals and brands by eliminating trust in third-party platforms with the technology behind them, Doğu Taşkıran said that for brands, this means connecting with customers and followers through direct interaction.

Noting that NFTs have quickly become the most powerful tool to provide brand awareness and customer interaction, two things that marketing always aims at, Taşkıran said that brands will turn to community-oriented trade and management in the new process, individuals, institutions and brands will make their own funding with Web3 at this stage. While pointing out that especially NFT marketplaces will shape this field with the creative economy, he also states that Orderinbox, which is a social NFT marketplace, will turn into a decentralized marketplace in DAO format as it grows.

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