Water Tank Export
Guest Post

Konya Stands Out in Water Tank Exports

Brs Plastik has taken its place among the leading companies of Turkey in the export of water tanks. It continues its activities, which it started as a plastic water tank manufacturing in Konya, without compromising its quality policy. Plastic produced from polyethylene raw material [more…]

Army Motorcycle Festival Breathtaking
52 Army

Army Motorcycle Festival Breathtaking

Organized for the second time this year in cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and Ordu Motorcycle Club, Ordu Motorcycle Festival (MOTOFEST) brought together motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country. Stagnant Water Sports Center [more…]

Sumbul Mansion Cafe Project in Saathane Square
55 Samsun

'Sümbül Mansion Cafe Project' in Saathane Square

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues its aesthetic touches in Saathane Square, where the most beautiful works of the city's cultural heritage are located. Metropolitan Municipality, tourism kazanIt will also build a mansion in accordance with the concept of the historical square where it will be built. [more…]

Metrobus Road is Permanently Renovated
34 Istanbul

Metrobus Road is Permanently Renewed

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality presses the button for a safer and more efficient metrobus line. By applying the 'White Road' to the Metrobus road, its maintenance will be reduced to a minimum for 21 years. Asphalt pavement road, special prescription [more…]

Test Production of National Submarine STM Begins
Naval Defense

Test Production of National Submarine STM500 Begins!

STM, which broke new ground in the production of military naval platforms in Turkey, begins the production of the STM500 submarine, designed by Turkish engineers, with the test production of a durable boat. Under the leadership of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), Turkey's [more…]

TAYSAD Electric Vehicles Day Event Held in Bursa
16 Bursa

'TAYSAD Electric Vehicles Day' Event Held in Bursa

The Turkish Automotive Supply Industry's umbrella organization, the Automotive Vehicles Procurement Manufacturers Association (TAYSAD), organized the third “TAYSAD Electric Vehicles Day” event in Bursa to share the effects of the transformation in the field of electrification. automotive around the world [more…]

TCDD Opens Nostalgic Train Line to More Tourism

TCDD Opens 4 More Nostalgic Train Lines to Tourism

While the accounts of TCDD were discussed in the GNAT Commission, the deputies brought the Eastern Express into service for touristic purposes, the great interest it received, and especially the economic contribution it provided to Kars. Deputies within the body of the institution [more…]

Festival Arrangement for IZBAN Expeditions
35 Izmir

Festival Arrangement for İZBAN Expeditions

İZBAN made an announcement to the people of İzmir via social media. In the statement made, the flight plans to be implemented until 7 July were included. The following statements were used in the statement made on İZBAN's Twitter account: “24 June – [more…]

Green Investment in Gorukle Immigrant Housing
16 Bursa

'Green' Investment in Gorukle Immigrant Housing

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is rapidly advancing towards its goal of 3 million square meters of new green space. In this context, a privileged park is also created for Görükle Göçmen Residences. kazanbeing yelled. To make Bursa a city known for 'green' again [more…]