'Green' Investment in Gorukle Immigrant Housing

Green Investment in Gorukle Immigrant Housing
'Green' Investment in Gorukle Immigrant Housing

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is rapidly advancing towards its goal of 3 million square meters of new green space. In this context, a privileged park is also created for Görükle Göçmen Residences. kazanbeing yelled.

Large-scale parks such as Bursa Nation's Garden, Vakıf Bera City Park, Bağlaraltı Park have been transferred to the city in order to make Bursa a city known for 'green' again. kazanContinuing its investments such as dıran, Gökdere Millet Bahçesi, Doğanbey Millet Garden and Çekirge Terrace, the Metropolitan Municipality is a park that will breathe life into the region for Görükle Göçmen Residences. kazanyelling. 16 thousand square meters of a total area of ​​​​12 thousand square meters will be completely green. The park, which will largely make up for the lack of social facilities in the region, will include a 350-meter bicycle path, 385-meter walking path, basketball court, fitness area, children's playground and a cafeteria. 1 olive trees, located right next to the park area where 3 pergolas will be deployed, will also be included in the park area and taken under protection.

Our priority is the environment

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they give priority to environmental investments in order to leave a more livable Bursa to future generations. In addition to infrastructure investments, large-scale parks and squares are brought to the city. kazanExpressing that they are making great efforts to reduce the risk of death, President Aktaş said, “We have seen together how important nature, the environment and even a tree are, especially during the pandemic process that we stayed at home. For this reason, in addition to large-scale parks, our neighborhoods are also parks where our people can breathe, come with their children and have a pleasant time. kazanwe are raising. In this context, we want to complete the park in Göçmen Residences, which we designed in a short time, and put it at the service of our people.”

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