İBB Technology Workshops Project Gives Its First Graduates

IBB Technology Workshops Project Gives Its First Graduates
İBB Technology Workshops Project Gives Its First Graduates

The cooperation of IMM and Boğaziçi University gave its first fruits. The first graduates of the 'IBB Technology Workshops Project', developed by two institutions, received their certificates from the President. Ekrem İmamoğlugot it from. İmamoğlu, who came together with 870 graduates and their families in total, said, “The graduates of the workshops will achieve great success in the field of technology in the future. These may be projects that will change the world. In fact, we have a great reputation for our country. kazanThey will implement the projects that will achieve results. We have full faith in this. In this hall, there is that belief and that energy.”

The "İBB Technology Workshops Project", which was launched on October 9-10, 2021 with the cooperation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Boğaziçi University, gave its first graduates. “Project Exhibition and Graduation Ceremony” organized for 870 students from different age groups, Dr. It was held at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center. IMM President attending the ceremony Ekrem İmamoğluBefore his speech, the inventor met with the students in the section of the hall that was organized for the exhibition. Having received presentations from team leaders about some projects, İmamoğlu followed the inventions with interest. Later, under the intense interest of students and parents, he sat with the children in the protocol rows, which passed to the section where the graduation ceremony was held.


Ceremony; It started with the speeches of Emre Çiçek from Bakırköy workshop, Yusuf Taha Elmas from Esenyurt workshop and parents Elif Akay and Özcan Poyraz Akarsu. One of the students, Çiçek's advice to her friends to “never give up” received great applause from the hall. Boğaziçi University Computer and Instructional Technologies Department Head Assoc. Dr. Gunizi Kartal provided detailed information on different subjects, from the stages of the project to the selection of the students by exam, from the education method they used to the road map they are considering for the future. Assoc. Kartal said, “We also continue our efforts to participate in advanced education and competitions with a group to be determined from among the students who have completed the program.”


Speaking after Günizi, İmamoğlu described the scene he saw in front of him with the words "Very beautiful". Saying, "We have chirpy children and young people here," İmamoğlu said:

“And they have parents who feed on them with the highest hopes. Why do I say fed? Me too; I am feeding. Because looking to the future with hope is perhaps the greatest need of all of us. There is a heart that welcomes this in our children and youth. I experience this everywhere. Sometimes there are even those who judge, 'Why do you look to the future with such hope'. Or there are those who question, 'How can you be so hopeful?' But my advice to everyone; let them not only take care of their own children, every child that society sees around us actually makes us much more hopeful for the future. I love them so much."


Expressing that the students had the opportunity to visit some of their projects, İmamoğlu said, “They made their presentations. Today I see that they are very excited. They have eyes and hearts that take pride in what they produce. When I see the gleam in the eyes of those young people and their desire to learn, develop and produce, I feel very proud. The countries that will achieve success in the future will be the countries that use technology best. In this respect, science and technology stand in a very valuable place for all of us. We should seize every opportunity we get and encourage them so that they can show their talents and develop themselves in this field.”


Saying, “Creating a foundation for these is perhaps one of the most vital issues,” İmamoğlu said, “We established and are developing the technology workshops of our municipality for exactly this purpose. In our workshops, we provide training to children and young people living in Istanbul to form the basis of technology production. Of course, these trainings should have been under the control of a very competent group or delegation. I sincerely thank Boğaziçi University for their friendship in this matter, and all the educators and professors who contributed to this issue. Bogazici University's contributions will continue next year as well. We want them with us, we will walk together. We want to develop this further. Two special classes will work to participate in national and international competitions for the projects they will produce. With the support of our academics at the university and the special efforts of our educators, we will send our students in these classes to national and international competitions. And we want them to achieve great success there," he said.


Saying, "The graduates of the workshops will achieve great success in the field of technology in the future," İmamoğlu said in his speech, "These may be projects that will change the world. In fact, we have a great reputation for our country. kazanThey will implement the projects that will achieve results. We have full faith in this. In this room, there is that belief and that energy. Their eyes, their body language while talking to the kids just now… They are incredibly ready. They want free spaces. They want love. They want respect. Let's not limit our children, please. Let's take into account the wishes of our children. While listening to them, let's listen more carefully than an adult. Because they're incredibly smart, they're very determined, and as our kid just said, they have the discipline to never give up. In that respect, I believe in them very much.”

After the speeches, the graduation ceremony started. Imamoglu, Assoc. Along with Kartal, he gave symbolic plaques to 1 student and 1 trainer from each project group. After the plaque ceremony, the newly graduated students who filled the stage took a group photo with İmamoğlu and the accompanying delegation.


İBB Technology Workshops The "İBB Technology Workshops", organized in cooperation with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Directorate and Boğaziçi University, started their activities on 09-10 October 2021. 4 people, teklonojiatolyeleri.ibb. He applied for the exam through his Istanbul address. Right to participate in workshops kazanStudents will be able to attend grades 6-7 within the framework of the education calendar and study groups appropriate for the level. and 9-10. grades 8 months, 4th and 5th graders were included in a 4-month study program. 4-5 in workshops. 446 students at grade level 6-7. 219 students at grade level 9-10. 205 students and 48 instructors took place at the grade level. The training, which lasted about 870 months with a total of 8 students, was completed on 19 June 2022. In the workshops; It was aimed to contribute to the education of individuals in the way of being a society that makes innovative inventions in technology, not technology consumers, and thus to reduce foreign dependency in technology. Workshops were held within the scope of contents, curriculum and activities planned by Boğaziçi University academicians.

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