Our DNA Structure Determines Our Nutrition Needs

Our DNA Structure Determines Our Nutrition Needs
Our DNA Structure Determines Our Nutrition Needs

Genetic analysis is also widely used to determine diet lists and the extra vitamins and supplements people need. This new field of study, called the discipline of nutrigenomics, examines the relationship between genes, nutrition and health. Founder of Generations Genetic Diseases Evaluation Center, Genetics and Pharmacology Specialist Dr. Gülay Özgön answered the curious questions about Nutrigenomics.

Nutrition, which is one of the basic needs of humanity, is seen as one of the most important problems in the world. Both the increase in the number of undernourished people and the extraordinary rise in obesity rates accelerated the work of scientists in this field. Genetic analysis, which is used in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, has also taken its place in studies in the field of nutrition. Studies on the discipline of Nutrigenomics, which examines the relationship between nutritional genomics, the human genome, human nutrition and health, have become widespread around the world. Founder of Generations Genetic Diseases Evaluation Center, Genetics and Pharmacology Specialist Dr. While sharing information about Nutrigenomics, Gülay Özgön emphasized that no healthy life counseling can be given independently of genetic codes.

Our genetic makeup is decisive at every step.

Dr. Gülay Özgön stated that the science of healthy life, which we call wellness, is based on knowing our own genetic code and said, “The answers to the questions of how we can improve our genetic code and how we can live a healthier and longer life are connected with the results of genetic analysis. No healthy life counseling should be given without analyzing the genetic codes of individuals. At this point, 'personalized medicine' continues to break our habits.”

800 million people struggle with obesity

According to the World Health Organization data, approximately 800 million people worldwide are struggling with obesity. It is estimated that one in five people worldwide will be obese by 2025. More importantly, the number of children struggling with obesity is expected to increase by 10 percent in the next 60 years to reach 2030 million by 250. Dr. Gülay Özgön drew attention to the fact that obesity is the biggest threat to sustainable life. Özgön said, “The successful outcome of the fight against obesity is possible with interdisciplinary cooperation. Blood values ​​give specific data about the nutritional needs of people, furthermore detailed analysis of gene structures is required. In nutrigenomic-based diet plans, genetic structure analyzes are performed to create dietary recommendations that help prevent chronic diseases, as well as personal nutritional and health needs.

How accurate is shampoo and vitamin in the same basket?

Dr. Gülay Özgön pointed out that the demand for OTC (over-the-counter medicine) is increasing with people's hearsay about vitamins and supplements. Özgön said, “We are in a position to throw acetone, shampoo and Omega 3 into the same basket in the stores where we meet our cosmetics needs. However, vitamins and supplements that people need; These are the pluses to be built on the existing DNA structure, and this decision cannot be made by heart. Both the vitamin supplement market is expanding, and health problems are increasing with the severity of a new pandemic. It's clear that every person has a different code and diet plans may not be the same for everyone,” she said.

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