GAU Token Ascend Percent In Hours Of Rise

Rise in GAU Token Exceeds 24% in 148 Hours

The functional token Gamer Arena Utility Token (GAU), which uses the ERC-20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, has been on the rise as expected after it was announced that it will be listed on SushiSwap, as tests have begun for it to work on the Avalanche network. 24% in 148 hours [more…]

Another First Turnstile Bus Station in Konya
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Another First in Konya! Turnstile Bus Stop

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, with the turnstile system installed at Kültürpark bus stops, prevents the traffic density along the street and ensures driver and pedestrian safety, while at the same time the daily waiting time of the buses at the stop is 518 minutes. [more…]

No Barriers to the Love of Homeland from Bursa
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No 'Barrier' from Bursa to the Love of Homeland

Bursa City Council Disabled Assembly organized a traditional henna night for disabled and elderly individuals who want to fulfill their patriotic duty. The military candidates who came to the field accompanied by the giant Turkish flag and a marching band, told their families. [more…]

Defense Industry Presidency Logo Renewed

Defense Industry Presidency Logo Renewed

Presidency of Defense Industry; Presidency, ministries and other affiliated institutions renewed its logo to create an integrated appearance. In the statement made by the Presidency, “An approach that focuses on the red of the Turkish flag in the center of the emblem in the new logo prepared. [more…]

DFDS Signed Blue Deal

DFDS Signs the Blue Agreement

The Volunteer Agreement for the reduction of air pollutant emissions from ships berthing and mooring in Trieste & Monfalcone Ports was signed in Trieste. Ships docked and moored in Trieste & Monfalcone Ports on 11 May 2022 [more…]

Comparison of ERP Software
Guest Post

Comparison of ERP Software

Things to know about SaaS ERP and Cloud ERP, which are seen as an important choice in the transition to enterprise resource planning systems, and the similarities and differences of the two systems are discussed. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, [more…]

CZN Stated About Burak's Health Status

CZN Burak Stated About His Health Status

Burak Özdemir, known as CZN Burak, made a statement regarding the allegations that he had a tumor in his brain. Özdemir denied the allegations on his social media account. A tumor in the brain of Burak Özdemir, owner of a restaurant chain known as CZN Burak [more…]