Mobile Service for Sportive Talent Measurements in Izmir
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Mobile Service for Sportive Talent Measurements in Izmir

The Sports Talent Measurement Unit, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality directs the future of children between the ages of 8-10, has now started to serve in the districts as mobile. First of all, the trainers who visited Kemalpaşa from neighborhood to neighborhood encouraged children to participate in sports. [more…]

Guest Post

Text Creation Site

If you are looking for a text creation site, welcome. Tired of standard texts? You can create text in different ways and use it wherever you want. Surprise your friend or make it more beautiful on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook [more…]

Laura Pausini
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Who is Laura Pausini?

Born in Italy in 1974, Laura Pausini became interested in music at a young age with the support of her father, a musician. Little Laura, who accompanied her with her voice at the venues where her father took the stage when she was 8 years old, [more…]

eurovision ukraine winner

Ukraine Becomes Eurovision 2022 Winner!

Ukraine was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was held for the 66th time this year in Italy. In the final of this year's competition, hosted by Italy, which won Eurovision last year, at the Pala Olimpico hall in Turin, 25 countries were selected. [more…]

Colombian Coffee Festival Held in Izmir
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Colombian Coffee Festival Held in İzmir

The Colombian Coffee Festival, organized for the first time this year by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Colombian Embassy, ​​witnessed colorful scenes. In the festival, where the people of Izmir had the opportunity to experience Colombian coffee, the performances made by Colombian artists [more…]

Rize Artvin Airport Opened
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Rize Artvin Airport Opened

Rize Artvin Airport was opened with the presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that Rize Artvin Airport, one of the few in the world, built on the sea fill, is an example in Europe. [more…]