Imamoglu, Power's Plan of Ataturk Airport: 'Rant Park!'

Imamoglundan Ataturk Airport Planina Sert Exit Rant Park
Imamoglu, Power's Plan of Ataturk Airport: 'Rant Park!'

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlushared his views on Atatürk Airport, which was started to be demolished without any planning and tender, with journalists. Reminding that the said area is still seen as an "airport" in the zoning plans, İmamoğlu described the "green space" move from the ruling wing as "rant park".

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlushared his views on Atatürk Airport, which was started to be demolished without any planning and tender, with journalists. Reminding that the said area is still seen as an "airport" in the zoning plans, İmamoğlu described the "green space" move from the ruling wing as "rant park". Expressing his reaction, "Will the planning of a city, the planning of the city be done by the will of a handful of people for God's sake," İmamoğlu said, "Istanbul has nothing to do with the green space issue here at the moment. This is purely a matter of interest. There is an absolute interest plan and an interest map in this process, which they destroyed at the airport without being asked to the citizens, without a zoning plan, without law, without tender, and at their own pleasure. Sharing the tender document dated 16 May 2022 regarding the demolition works delivered to him during his speech, İmamoğlu said to the relevant ministers, “Do you see the contractor who went there without a contract? In other words, if there is a contractor in a country who knows that he will bid without a contract, raise his hand. Shout out to those giggling watchers. How would you place such a tender? I will file a criminal complaint against all of you.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter the Florya Atatürk City Forest investigation, he made statements to the journalists regarding the agenda. Reminding that the Florya Atatürk City Forest, in which they live, is a green area entrusted to Atatürk, İmamoğlu said, “We are living the projection of the value Atatürk added to the area where a leader actually lived and lived. In other words, he dreams of such an area next to the mansion where he came and stayed 80-90 years ago. It plants trees and reveals a park. And this park, at the point reached today, serves us in a completely different position with its naturalness, unique and at the same time offering contemporary opportunities.” Noting that they determined that only 641 thousand square meters of an area of ​​200 thousand square meters were open to the public during the period they took office, İmamoğlu shared the information that an area of ​​​​about 90 thousand square meters was reserved for the IMM President and some district mayors as residential areas. 90 thousand square meters of protocol area serving the mayors, the future of Istanbul

Stating that they transformed it into the Istanbul Planning Agency, which they established for planning purposes, İmamoğlu stated that they opened the rest of the section to the use of citizens.


Emphasizing that the current topic of today is the runway breaking works started at Atatürk Airport, which is very close to Florya, İmamoğlu reacted to the statements of some ministers from the ruling wing against him and IMM. "They are managing a process with an understanding that upsets, breaks and bends people, using a language that strives to be more king than king," he said. Expressing that the Istanbul Airport, built in the north of the city, has turned into a reality of the city at the point reached, İmamoğlu said, “The mistakes made since the beginning have been talked about a lot. But today, it's not his ground. We held a workshop about it. We reserved a part of the Istanbul Transportation Workshop, which lasted for 3 days, only for the airport issue”. Expressing that Turkey has become the most expensive borrower country in the world due to the risks stemming from wrong economic policies, İmamoğlu said, “What's the point of throwing tens of billions of euros away in Turkey's current situation? To who kazanThere is a question” he asked.


Emphasizing that the “reckless and unconscious transport” of Istanbul Airport has damaged the city in many ways, İmamoğlu exemplified the reflections of this in the field of tourism. Emphasizing that nearly 50 hotels located in areas close to Atatürk Airport were adversely affected by this process, İmamoğlu said, “A decision is made at once and an airport is being built. We still cannot go to this airport by public transport. And two metro lines are being built. Even the rebuilding of these metro lines will cost this city billions of euros," he said. Reminding that they were asked about their views on Atatürk Airport when they took office, İmamoğlu said:

“Of course, if there is an area that will fall into a void, provided that it is discussed with the experts... kazanIt is our priority to bring them into shape according to the requirements,' we made recipes. After that; There is a reality emerging in these meetings, where we have made common sense dominant. And that is this: According to the figures we have obtained at the moment, the additional production to be made by Istanbul Airport is over 5 billion Euros. The current value of Atatürk Airport is over 4 billion Euros. It is said that; 'We will not use this place and we will invest another 5 billion Euros there. And we will carry it to a single airport.' This means; in fact, 10 billion Euros have gone out of our pockets. You will invest 5 billion Euros, and you will throw away the 5 billion Euros that exist here. It is unreasonable to make such definitions and take such steps when you are the country that owes even one billion Euros, borrowing and borrowing in the most expensive form in the world. If you have no other interests…”


“I'm guessing; I do not want to put anyone under suspicion," said İmamoğlu, "For example; "If you haven't promised Istanbul Airport as a holistic project, if you don't plan to sell it or if you don't have some background contracts regarding it, there really is no point in throwing away 10 billion Euros of this city and this country," he said. Stating that some of the world's major cities have 4 or 5 airports, İmamoğlu also listed his criticisms about the way Atatürk Airport was converted into a hospital during the pandemic process. Emphasizing that instead of using the fairgrounds near Atatürk Airport for this purpose, the process of throwing billions of liras into the trash started with the breaking of the runways, İmamoğlu said:

“This is not the right place, don't go, don't go, it is a shame, it is a sin, we reacted. This work stopped after 3-4 days after these reactions. In one day, tens of excavators and hundreds of trucks rushed over that coastal road to the side of the airport, and began to break the runway. And they built a hospital on the runway. Three days ago the hospital was on this side, three days later it was this way. Billions of dollars. For God's sake, could this state have a mind like that? This is yesterday, this is tomorrow. Today is different, tomorrow is different. Or who asks for an account of what you said yesterday? 'Why is that hospital standing there like garbage? For God's sake, who asks why did you spend so much money there? Dear ministers, who look up and try to help themselves, sit down and think for God's sake. Think about it.”


Pointing out that the demolition works at Atatürk Airport were started without a tender, İmamoğlu said, “There is no tender. There are no public notices. And we take a look; In order to provoke this nation, to provoke this nation, to scratch their nerve endings, ignorantly, inexperiencedly... Not in order to denigrate the class in business life, but only if you have the title of an incompetent contractor. Somewhere 5-6 excavators, 20-30 earthmoving trucks… Also, the company's name is written on the vehicles in a rude and shameless way. Won't you say, 'Oh friend, you brought trucks here when there was no tender. Three days later, when you announce the name of this company as 'The company that won this tender' - and there is talk of a tender over 2,5 billion liras - won't you say, 'What kind of rudeness is this, what kind of ignorance is this, what kind of courage is this?


Stating that the construction machines were put on the runway before the tender was even there, İmamoğlu said, “You are writing the name of the company to the attention of the nation. And this company is starting to break the runway, one by one, over there. In other words, you are trying to provoke the nation with three excavators, crushers and trucks, but you do not take into account the mind and conscience of this nation. You can't even guess where the heart of this nation, which made these mistakes, felt the moment when the veins in its own body were broken. Just like when you canceled the election on 6 May, while 23 thousand votes were thrown at the ballot box on 806 June, you cannot predict how that difference will be scored. Now you can't. And there, in front of the eyes of the nation, you are happily telling about breaking and demolishing the runways of an airport that is more than 100 years old, almost 110 years old," he said.


Reminding that the said area is still seen as an "airport" in the zoning plans, İmamoğlu underlined that the "green space" move from the ruling wing has "rental content". With the moves they have made, millions of square meters of green space have been added to the city. kazanthey nag and kazanSharing the information that they will continue to do so, İmamoğlu reacted, “Will the planning of a city, the planning of the city, be done by the will of a handful of people, for God's sake?” Saying, “Istanbul has nothing to do with the green space issue here at the moment,” İmamoğlu said:

“And unfortunately, they embarked on such a reckless process. The public doesn't know. The public doesn't know anything about it. People who say 'green space' will build 136 million square meters of forest and agricultural land in this city, right next to it, right next to the new airport. What about your green field disease? Istanbul has nothing to do with the green space issue here at the moment. This is an issue that needs to be discussed. But you are building a city of 136 million people, on an area of ​​2 million square meters, on the right and left of the project, which they call the so-called 'Canal', without arguing, illegally, and taking advantage of the slow operation of the law. Let me tell you this: It's all a matter of interest. There is an absolute interest plan and an interest map in this process, which they destroyed at the airport without being asked to the citizens, without a zoning plan, without law, without a tender, at their own pleasure. There is a journey out. I don't know what it's called. It's called the Middle East. I don't know what it is called, what capital it is, I don't know what it is. But there is a journey of interest in it, as they always are. Unfortunately, this is in front of the interests of the country, before the interests of the city, before the interests and thoughts of our 16 million citizens, you can't put your own thoughts - very sorry - you can't waste the life, liver, property, property of this city by giggling, laughing, grinning, making recipes. Your time is over; you are going. Let go, respect the will of this nation. Look, in the last election, this nation elected a mayor with the highest vote in its history. And he said; 'I do not accept the feeling that you are using your own mind. I accept the common sense, the democratic mind represented by this friend, and I vote for him. Show respect. Just as you will have to show respect after you fall from power in the next election.”


Emphasizing that the issue is not about "power-opposition", İmamoğlu said, "This is an issue between betrayal and trustworthiness. This is a matter between good and evil. We are currently fighting evil,” he said. Reminding that we will celebrate the 19th of May, the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, and the Conquest of Istanbul on May 29th, İmamoğlu said, “We carefully observe the sanctity of this city and continue to protect this process. We see which side the citizen will be on. I believe 100 percent that our citizens will be on the side of people who respect and care about goodness and trust, not evil and betrayal.” “As in the 2019 Istanbul elections, good versus evil in the 2023 elections. kazanImamoğlu will continue his speech as follows:

“Our nation will never be on the side of betrayal and evil. We continue to represent goodness, and I condemn the insistence of a handful of people to betray Istanbul, as they have, by their own admission, betrayed in the past. Our legal struggle continues. We have sent warning letters to all ministries that all these processes are wrong and contrary to the plans. We have started the legal processes and we have further steps to take. In this, I express that we will put all our legal struggle on the issue of sharing it with the citizens, from the criminal complaint to the form of the tender made there. And I believe that both our citizens and our nation will show their stance against this process at the highest level, with the legal methods, democracy and the method prescribed by the law. How could you not ask that to 16 million people? How can you not ask our 85 million citizens what to do here? Who are you? At the end of the day, you are a bunch of people. We're talking about 85 million. We, we are talking to you about our sixteen million people. We are still where we took off our jackets and rolled up our sleeves on that 6 May night. No one in Istanbul should ever think that it is a time to remain silent about these betrayals. In Istanbul, he used to say, 'Whatever a person says, it becomes. The period of 'whatever a person's opinion is, is over. Mr. bye! It's over. finished in Istanbul; It will end in Turkey tomorrow. So no one should doubt it.”


İmamoğlu also gave the following answers to questions from journalists:

– The political ban and prison sentence of CHP Istanbul Provincial Chair Canan Kaftancıoğlu was upheld. You too have a case coming up. Do you think a similar result for you?

“I want to trust the law, to believe in the law, to believe in the justice system of the country, in spite of everything, in spite of some unfortunately unlawful decisions taken; I want to live it. In other words, I want this attitude, that is, the attitude that broke the airport, the attitude that broke and destroyed the law, through a fabricated process. That's my hope. We'll see. But all of these have now become natural in our country. But we will continue our struggle in the highest manner.”


– The relevant ministers that you have just mentioned made statements one after the other. Upon the rising reactions, it was said, "One runway will remain open for an emergency." How do you evaluate this? There is also talk of million square meters for green space. Different figures are given. How do you evaluate these statements?

“This is the issue I was talking about anyway. Shouldn't I know this first? For God's sake, this project is in the square of Istanbul, on the corner of Istanbul, at the beginning of a street... These 39 elected mayors of Istanbul, the elected Mayor of Istanbul, I am claiming that the Governor of Istanbul does not know. I don't know yet. Is something like this possible? That's why a minister says 6; a minister saying 8; It is normal for a minister to say 2. Because even they can't get into that handful of people sometimes. Even they can't join those who know sometimes. Even they become aware of it after a day. Sometimes, even the ministers are informed by the contractors first. Maybe sometimes, when some ministers don't know about it, contractors get in there and start crashing. Look, this is the state of the country. So all of these errors are possible. For God's sake, let's leave these details. Let's focus on this: We have 10 million square meters in the heart of this city. In the current plan, this is the airport and take the military. And someone comes along and says, 'I'm going to park this place.' Someone, look, a person. This business has city planners, this business has airmen, transporters. There are green field experts in this business. There are other experts in this business. There is another way of looking at the future of Istanbul. There is a whole look at Istanbul. In other words, I will do this here, I will do this here, I will establish a city of 136 million square meters on 15 million square meters, that is, 2 times as much as we said. Who are you? For God's sake, who are you? You are a handful of people. 16 million people in this city are watching you in amazement. And underneath that is another deception. At the moment, to make you forget about 50 percent tea hike; to make one forget that the bread is 4,5 liras; to make people forget that they can't get along; to make us forget that our children are not getting a good education; to make our young people forget that they cannot get a job on their merits; to make teachers forget that they cannot be appointed; Come and break Atatürk Airport with mules one day to make you forget many problems. another day Ekrem İmamoğlu'na 'terrorist'; I don't know which municipality to operate on another day, 250 people... Create agendas in such a ridiculous world, but try to make people forget the real pains and real needs of this nation, especially law, justice, economy, education. I'm not even talking about the weaknesses in foreign policy, the troubles and problems in foreign policy. Among these problems, of course, a minister will say '2 million', '5 million', '6 million'. So ask the ministers, why is that hospital empty? You know, whizzing planes would land, take off, they would come there from abroad. We get into very funny situations. I feel sorry for them. I wish it was a quality government, but we, as the opposition group in Turkey, as that six table, could talk quality things with the quality government. There was a time when there was a government and its circle that complained about the opposition; I am currently complaining to the government. They lowered the quality so much that; Our nation must get rid of them as soon as possible.”


After the question and answer session ended, İBB Deputy Secretary General Gürkan Alpay delivered İmamoğlu the tender document for the demolition works at Atatürk Airport. Sharing the document warmly with the journalists, İmamoğlu said, “My friends have sent it now. The tender is now being announced. The contract is signed 2 days ago; May 16. I mean, after the trucks got in there. May 16 is the start of work. The date of the contract is written on May 16 here. Today is the 18th of the month. These trucks got there over the weekend. Figure; 2 billion 174 million. Building&Building Construction. I mean, there is the sign there, the name of the trucks… Do you see the contractor who dived in without a contract? In other words, if there is a contractor in a country who knows that he will bid without a contract, raise his hand. Shout out to those giggling watchers. How would you place such a tender? I will file a criminal complaint against all of you," he said.


Imamoglu, to the question "What is this 2,1 billion liras just for?" replied, "So-called green space. 'Rant park'. In other words, 2 billion 174 million green areas. The name of the work: 'Istanbul Atatürk Airport Nation's Garden, Social Facilities Constructions of the Nation's Garden, Infrastructure Landscaping Job'. That's the name of the job. This much. No details. There is nothing else. You know, such a tender is held and the tender is given. Three days, four days before the tender is given, whatever is going on, it is known that he enters this company with an excavator. I will also file a criminal complaint against the company. Because entering there without a contract is mule… I will file a criminal complaint against them as well. I will make these denunciations to guide my people. I believe that tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people like me will go, file a criminal complaint and seek their legal rights. Do not lose your courage. Do not lose hope. This country has 85 million people, don't be afraid of anyone. Do not be afraid of anyone. I want none of our children and adults to be afraid of anyone who rules our nation, on the contrary, I want those who rule the nation to be afraid of the nation.


Imamoglu, IMM Sözcüsü Murat Ongun was dismissed and İBB SözcüImamoglu, who started to talk about the allegations regarding the abolition of the office of the Chief of Staff, saying, "Believe me, this is a very minor issue among the topics we talked about," and said, "Murat Ongun is a very valuable companion of mine, he has other duties. Once again by my decision sözcüI saw fit to set up the office of the first, but in the environment I see now sözcüBecause of the results given by the office of the general public and the reaction of the society to this, and sometimes unfortunately, because of our political opponents' efforts to create disinformation in this field. sözcüI removed the rank. There is currently no such authority. Murat Bey continues his other works," he said.

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