Eker Sailing Team Became Champion in Winter Trophy

Eker Sailing Team Wins The Kis Trophy
Eker Sailing Team Became Champion in Winter Trophy

Drawing attention with the successful results it has achieved in international and national races, Eker Sailing Team added a new one to its success by becoming the champion in the Winter Trophy organized by Marmaris International Yacht Club. Competing with the boat named “Eker 40” under the helm of Ahmet Eker, Eker Sailing Team experienced the happiness of reaching the championship by showing an exciting, challenging and successful performance throughout the course.

The Winter Trophy, which was held in favorable conditions for sailing, in favorable weather conditions and with a successful organization, witnessed competitive races. Eker Sailing Team, which took place in the top three of the five legs of the races where many teams such as Treasure, Mersin Sailing Academy and Vakkoroma challenge each other; He left his mark on the Winter Trophy and finally became the laughing stock. In the Winter Trophy, there was a fierce rivalry especially between Eker Sailing Team and Vakkoroma Team. Eker Sailing Team, which participated in the competition with a very young team with an average age of 24, left the other teams behind with the synergy, team spirit and determination to fight.

The 6th and last leg of the Winter Trophy organized by Marmaris International Yacht Club took place on 14-15 May 2022. The Winter Trophy, which witnessed competitive races with sailors coming from abroad from time to time in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Eskişehir and Bodrum throughout the winter, ended with the award ceremony held on Sunday, May 15, where the championship of Eker Sailing Team was announced.

Eker Sailing Team: Ahmet Eker, Nevra Eker, Burak Zengin, Cem Gözen (31), Caner Akdolun (31), Doğa Arıbaş (27), Gaye Akdolun (27), Ceren Demiral (24), Onur Mandalinci (24), Uğur Esen (24), Egehan Haydaroğlu (23), Sancar Altan (20), Cem Boren Koçer (20).

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