EvoLog Logistics Grows with Young People

EvoLog Logistics Grows with Young People
EvoLog Logistics Grows with Young People

EvoLog Logistics, which provides integrated logistics services focused on customer satisfaction, manages its turnover and product variety, which reached 114 million € in a short time, with a young team, 74% of which is Y generation.

Established in 2013, EvoLog Logistics, growing day by day with its young and dynamic staff, has achieved many successes since its establishment. Answering the expectations of its customers with its young and dynamic staff thanks to the experience and technical knowledge it has accumulated since the first day, EvoLog Logistics is among the companies preferred by the young generation.

Youth Prefers EvoLog Logistics, EvoLog Logistics Prefers Youth

EvoLog Logistics HR Manager Alev Erdogu said, “We included 2021 new colleagues in our family in 230, which is the pandemic period, and 2022 new colleagues in the first quarter of 104, and we reached a total of 670 people. I can say that youth employment will continue until the end of the year with the increase in our equipment and new service investments. The fact that our experienced colleagues share their knowledge and experiences with our newly recruited employees and make them companions makes us known as a "school" in the industry. I can say that an important part of our corporate culture is "sincerity" and "information sharing". Our employee structure is getting younger due to the increase in the share of the young population in the country's population and our young friends prefer to work mainly in the service sectors. When we look closely at our working structure for the last 3 years; We see that among office workers, our women outnumber men. It is a pleasure for us to have achieved this result in the conditions of Covid 19. The pandemic process has become one of the reasons for leaving the business life, as it aggravates the responsibilities of women employees regarding housework and child care. As Evolog Lojistik, we support our female employees to fulfill their multiple responsibilities with hybrid and remote working models. We act with social responsibility awareness in every step we add to evologos. We made donations on behalf of our women and children who participated in the events on March 8, International Women's Day and April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day, which we celebrate with events. As a supporter of Tohum Autism Foundation, we opened our second class in April in the "Special Education Classroom Equipment Project". We support our women entrepreneurs by choosing products made by women entrepreneurs in our welcome packages. We also have an office that is always open for our friends from Pati.” said.

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