There Are Economic Improvements in Relationships between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey!

Colde Turkish Breeze Again
Turkish Breeze Again in the Desert

📩 24/05/2022 14:21

Economic Recovery in Relations between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The new capital project, which was announced with the name Vedian, which means the plural of the Arabic word for valley, at the Egyptian Economic Development Conference in 2015, is fast approaching its end. Vedian, which will have skyscrapers, a tall monument, park, artificial lakes, educational institutions, hospitals and technology innovation park at its center, actually provides a great need for the construction of these projects.

While relations between Saudi Arabia and Egypt are rapidly returning to normal, Turkey's leading air conditioning company Cvsair has established a long-term strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia's well-established HVAC company Al Salem Johnson Controls for marketing, sales and after-sales services of its products in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. signed a partnership agreement.

With the agreement announced at the XNUMXth International Ashrae Engineering Congress, which is being held in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, this year, Al Salem Johnson Controls has been given the sole competence right for the marketing activities of Cvsair products in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon.

The agreement, which is an important step towards strengthening and consolidating the relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, promises hope for the normalization and acceleration of trade in Saudi Arabia, where the economic trade volume is over five billion dollars.

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