Continental SportContact 7 Wins Tests

Continental SportContact Wins Tests
Continental SportContact 7 Wins Tests

SportContact 7, the new sports tire of technology company and premium tire manufacturer Continental, was awarded the highest rating among ten tires tested in the sports tire segment in summer tire tests conducted in Germany. SportContact 7, which received "very good" and "good" ratings in dry and wet road tests, was also described as "exemplary" by the German automobile magazine AutoBild.

Continental's new performance tire, the SportContact 7, has just started to return from the tests with a championship, even though it has just been launched. Autobild Magazine introduced the SportContact 7 tire as the “exemplary” tire in summer tire tests called “Elitäres Kräftemessen”. SportContact 7 was awarded the highest rating among ten tires from European, Asian and American manufacturers in the size 245/40 R 19 in the sports tire segment. The tires were tested on a BMW 5 Series vehicle.

According to the test results, the SportContact 7 made a name for itself with its excellent handling characteristics on dry roads, good aquaplaning reserves on wet roads, short braking distances and safe handling. The high-tech sports tire, which is “always in shape” on dry roads, returned from the test with a “very good” result after a fierce race against two rivals on the wet track. Even before the AutoBild test, the new SportContact 7 was ranked first by experts in product comparisons. In the UK, Tire Reviews rated it "highly recommended" and Sportauto "outstanding".

Excellence level targeted

SportContact 7 offers drivers who want sports driving a very safe, handling-focused, high-mileage tire. Compared to its predecessor, the new SportContact 7 exhibited 10 percent higher mileage on the race track and 8 percent shorter braking distance on wet roads, while drawing attention with its 6 percent shorter braking distance on dry roads and 17 percent longer service life. SportContact 7, developed by Continental by combining maximum driving pleasure with the highest safety and sustainability in the ultra-high performance tire segment, deserves praise by reaching the level of excellence in all performance criteria.

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