Who is Che's Wife Aleida March?

Aleida March
Aleida March

The year is 1958. The years of civil war in Cuba.. A revolution is on the horizon. At the age of 24, Cuban revolutionary teacher Aleida March voluntarily sets out for the mountains where Che is fighting. She is a woman who is determined to fight for what she believes in. He has money on him to deliver. The coins are banded on Aleida's body. She finally reaches range. When she reaches Che, Aleida, who cannot remove the tapes, asks him for help.

Years later, in a letter he wrote to Aleida, Che describes how he felt when he saw his irritated skin while removing the bands, how he faltered.. Aleida nurses the guerrillas. One day, he says, "Come on, we're going to fight" and gets in his jeep, and Aleida never leaves Che's side again. Here is CHE, a revolutionary, and Aleida March, the woman who took part in the struggle, whom Che fell in love with and married.

Che Guevara Family
Che Guevara Family

Che's second wife and Castro's memoirs of Aleida March, a member of the Cuban army, was published 45 years after Che's murder.

Ernesto Che Guevara was born on June 14, 1928. His birthplace is Rosario, Argentina.

Che caught his first asthma attack when he was only two years old. This disease, which gave Che a hard time while fighting against Batista armies in Sierra Maestra, did not let go until he was shot by Barrientos' soldiers in the Bolivian forests.

His father, Ernesto Guevara Lynch, a graduate engineer, came from an Irish family, and his mother, Clia dela Sena, came from an Irish-Spanish mix. His family settled in Buenos Aires when Che was three years old. Later, Che's condition worsened due to asthma attacks. Doctors said that the treatment is very difficult and that it must change the climate. Thus, the Guevara family migrated again. They settled in Cordoba.

The Guevara family was a typical bourgeois family. In terms of their political leanings, they were known as liberals open to the left. They openly supported the republicans in the Spanish civil war. Over time, their financial situation deteriorated. Che started Dean Funes high school, which is affiliated with the ministry of education. While studying English at school, he was also learning French from his mother. Che, who started reading Freud's books at the age of fourteen, loved poetry in French. He had a great passion for Baudelaire. At the age of sixteen, he had fallen in love with Neruda.

Who is Ernesto Che Guevara?

The Guevara family immigrated to Buenos Aires in 1944. Their condition had deteriorated for good. While continuing his education, Che was working at the same time. He enrolled in the medical school. During his first years at the faculty, he traveled throughout the northern and western regions of Argentina, working on leprosy and tropical diseases in the forest villages there.

As a senior, Che went on a motorcycle tour of Latin America with his friend Alberto Granadas. This tour gave him the opportunity to get to know the exploited peasants of Latin America. Che graduated from university in March 1953 and became a doctor. He was hired to work in the leprosy colony in Venezuela. He also stopped by Peru during his journey to go here.
There he was arrested and sent to prison for a previously published review of the natives. After getting out of prison, he stayed in Ecuador for a few days. It was here that he met a lawyer named Ricardo Rojo, which was the turning point of his life. Che gave up going to Venezuela and went to Guatemala with Ricardo Rojo. When the revolutionary Arbenz government was overthrown by a right-wing coup, he took refuge in the Argentine embassy.

He joined the ranks of the revolutionaries at the first opportunity. He was expelled from the embassy building due to his activities. When it became dangerous for him to stay in Guatemala, he went to Mexico. In Guatemala, Ernesto met several Cuban exiles and Fidel Castro's brother, Raul. When he went to Mexico, he met Fidel Castro and his friends and joined the Cuban revolutionaries. Later, he moved to Cuba with the Granma ship and was at the forefront until the end of the war. After the revolution, Major Ernesto Che Guevara was brought to the command of Havana's la Cabana Fortress. In 1959, he was declared a Cuban citizen. After a while, he married his comrade Aleida March.

He was appointed as the head of the National Agrarian Reform Institute on October 7, 1959. On November 26, he was appointed president of the Cuban National Bank. Thus, Che took on the financial affairs of the country. On February 23, 1961, the Cuban Revolutionary Government established a ministry of industry and placed Che in charge of it. However, during the Playa Giran conflict, he was reinstated as the castle commander. Later, Che, who made various trips to underdeveloped countries, had the opportunity to get to know the exploited peoples and imperialists better. This led to the revival of Che's combative side.

He had now decided that he should go to other Latin American countries and organize the peoples. In September 1965, he set out for unknown countries. On October 3, 1965, Fidel Castro read Che's famous farewell letter to the Cuban People.

He went first to Congo-Kinshasa (later the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and then to Bolivia, where he was captured after a joint operation by the CIA and US Army Special Operations Units. Guevara died on October 9, 1967, in La Higuera, near Vallegrande, while in the hands of the Bolivian Army. Those who were with him in his last hours and those who killed him witnessed that he was killed as a result of extrajudicial execution. After his death, Guevara became the symbol of socialist revolutionary movements around the world.

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