What is a Barista, What Does He Do, How To Become? Barista Salaries 2022

What Is A Barista What Does It Do How To Be A Barista Salary
What is a Barista, What Does It Do, How to Become Barista Salaries 2022

A barista is the name given to the person in charge of preparing and serving coffee with professional coffee equipment in coffee shops. The word barista is of Italian origin. In Italian, barista means a person who serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, a bartender. However, the word barista is used worldwide for people who prepare and sell espresso-based coffee types.

What Does a Barista Do, What Are Their Duties?

  • Informing customers about special or new products, answering questions, accepting orders and payments,
  • Preparing foods such as sandwiches and baked goods, grinding and mixing coffee beans,
  • Serving customers by presenting the coffee menu and explaining its contents,
  • Espresso, espresso lungo, caffe latte and cappuccino etc. to prepare the coffees in accordance with the brewing techniques,
  • Maintaining stocks by renewing the supply of coffee beans,
  • To eliminate malfunctions in coffee machines and equipment; maintenance and preventive maintenance of materials,
  • To provide a safe and healthy working environment by following workplace standards and health regulations,
  • Maintaining and improving the cafe and coffee bar appearance,
  • Keeping professional knowledge up to date by participating in workshops,
  • To learn about brewing methods, beverage mixes, food preparation and presentation techniques to improve food quality,

How to Become a Barista Developer

There is no formal education requirement to become a barista. It is possible to become a barista by getting training from institutions that provide barista training or by participating in professional barista certificate programs. People who want to be a barista must have certain qualifications;

  • Knowing the characteristics of coffee beans and the differences in coffee preparation machines,
  • to be friendly,
  • Ability to work during peak hours, including nights, early mornings, weekends, and holidays
  • Willingness to work as part of a high-energy, efficient team in a fast-paced environment,
  • Having the physical ability to work for a long time,
  • Have excellent listening and communication skills,

Barista Salaries 2022

The lowest Barista salary received in 2022 was determined as 5.200 TL, the average Barista salary was 5.500 TL, and the highest Barista salary was 8.700 TL.

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