Turkey Goes to Space: 31 Thousand Citizens Registered

Space Excitement Overwhelms Turkey, Thousand Citizens Registered
Space Excitement Overtakes Turkey 31 Thousand Citizens Registered

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “48 million of our citizens visited the site (uzaya.gov.tr) even before 4 hours. The number of our citizens who registered to the system to apply here has reached 31 thousand.” said. Istanbul Creativity Network, a web-based network and relationship map of creative economy actors, was put into service. Istanbul Creativity Network will enable the development of collaborations with the right actors and access to the experiences of relevant institutions or individuals. Minister Varank introduced the project carried out under the coordination of Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA). Stating that Turkey has succeeded in coming to the fore as a safe harbor for investors, Varank said, “In 2020, we became one of the rare countries that can attract investment despite the pandemic. With the investment of 14 billion dollars we received last year, we actually exceeded the pre-epidemic figures. Since 2003, we have managed to attract approximately 250 billion dollars of international direct investment. Global companies that prefer Turkey are now more intensely positioning our country as an R&D production, export and management center by increasing their investments over time.” he said.


Pointing out that international companies have more than 500 R&D centers in Turkey, Varank said, “Furthermore, when we look at our technology-based initiatives, these initiatives and start-ups are currently attracting serious investments in the world. In 2021, our startup ecosystem attracted $1,6 billion in investment. When we look at the figure we received only in the first quarter of this year, we see that we received an investment of 1,3 billion dollars. Turkey ranks first among Middle Eastern and European countries in investments in gaming startups. Istanbul continues to impress as the fourth-ranked city in Europe in terms of angel venture capital investment. In fact, we are all proud of the unicorns we brought out of the e-commerce game and software industry, and the export success of our TV series and film industry.” he said.


Noting that they have provided approximately 24 billion liras of support to more than 15 thousand projects in Turkey to date, Varank said, “Of course, we need to open a special parenthesis for Istanbul due to its importance and weight. In order to ensure that Istanbul has a say in the global economy in accordance with its global weight, we are making different practices in parallel with the development dynamics in Istanbul, which has an important place in Turkey's development and is the apple of our country's eye.” said.


In this respect, Varank explained that they have rolled up their sleeves with a common mind to increase the weight of the creative industries, which are almost the windows of the brands to the world, in Istanbul and said, “We started the Creative Industries Financial Support Program to meet the financing, human resources and infrastructure needs. Within the scope of this program, we have supported 131 projects so far. This will strengthen Istanbul's creative industries ecosystem.” used the expressions.


Noting that apart from the projects they support, they also contribute to the development of the creative industries with the projects they have developed on their own initiative, "We are promoting the Istanbul Creativity Network. We want to establish an effective network between the Istanbul Creativity Network and the stakeholders operating in this field and to develop cooperation opportunities in this field. In fact, we are talking about a dynamic, web-based collaboration map that is constantly updated. We will be sharing the projects carried out by different institutions in our city in the field of creative industries, especially the projects supported by our agency, and cooperation opportunities through this site.” he said.


Saying, “We will also promote the projects we support and the programs we have just announced through this site,” Varank said, “Likewise, another important issue for Istanbul is the development of technological-based entrepreneurship. We are making an effort to focus really heavily on this topic. I especially recommend you to closely follow the creativity.istanbul website, which will be used today, and the work carried out within the scope of the project.” used the expressions.


Referring to the Regional Venture Capital Financial Support Program, Varank said, “We decided to provide a support of over 250 million liras. In 2022, we increase this figure to 400 million liras. Thus, innovative, technology-based start-ups will have access to finance in Istanbul much more easily. I held a meeting with the representatives and investors of these funds the other day. I was very pleased with the interest of not only funds in Turkey but also international investors in Istanbul.” said.


In this sense, pointing out that they can increase this financial support program, which works as a 'fund of funds', in the coming periods, Varank said, “The important thing here is how much investment these funds and these investors attract to Turkey. We can increase our support in parallel with the numbers they bring. In this sense, we will add strength to the power of Istanbul's global entrepreneurship ecosystem. I wish this 400 million lira to be auspicious once again.” made its assessment.


Reminding that the Turkish Space Traveler and Science Mission Project, which constitutes the most important stage of the national space program, officially started on Monday, Varank said, “We will send a Turkish citizen to be selected to the international space station for 2023 days to carry out scientific activities in 10. Thus, Turkey will take its place among the few countries that send its citizens into space. We have started to accept applications from the internet address ofuzuna.gov.tr/ until 23 June 2022 at 20.23 for the selection of our citizens who will go.” said.


Expressing that he was very pleased with the excitement and interest after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the project, Varank said, “The final figures have come. 48 million of our citizens visited this site even before 2 hours, that is, before completing even 4 days. The number of our citizens who registered to the system to apply here has reached 31 thousand. The number of citizens who completed their registration by saying "I have the conditions to go to space" is now 225. Therefore, I believe that this interest will continue to increase. From here, I make a call again to both our friends in the hall and all of Turkey; I invite everyone who meets the conditions to apply for space travel.” he said.

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