Turkey, European Leader with 40 Million Tons of Steel Production

Turkey European Leader with Million Tons of Steel Production
Turkey, European Leader with 40 Million Tons of Steel Production

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that Turkey ranks first in Europe and seventh in the world with its 40 million tons of steel production, and noted that the capacity utilization rate has reached 76 percent.

In his speech at the opening of the Turkish Steel Producers Association (TÇÜD) Ordinary General Assembly, Minister Varank stated that the association has an exceptional place not only for the sector but also for the whole Turkish industry, with its experience of more than 50 years and its strong manufacturers. Stating that as the Ministry, they knocked on the door of the association in almost every development related to the sector, consulted with its members, and made almost companionship with them, Varank said, “The iron and steel industry is of course an area that should be handled with a holistic and inclusive perspective. Because when we say iron and steel, we are talking about the main input of many sectors, from automotive to construction, from chemistry to energy, to rail systems.” he said.


Noting that every breakthrough and every development in the iron and steel industry directly affects the whole of the country's industry, Varank said, "I show the iron and steel industry as an example of the achievements of the Turkish industry on national and international platforms. While the global steel industry is shrinking day by day due to the epidemic, wars, protectionist policies and export quotas, the Turkish steel industry has almost made history with your efforts. said.


Varank stated that Turkey is in the 40st place in Europe and 1th in the world with its 7 million tons of steel production, and that its capacity utilization rate has reached the levels of 76 percent, and that it ranks 25th in the world with 22 million tons of steel exports worth 6 billion dollars, He said that this figure means about 12 percent of total exports.


Congratulating all the members of the association and all Turkish iron and steel industrialists and 55 thousand laborers working in this sector for their success, Minister Varank said, “However, I would like to make a note; If we say that we will make Turkey a global base in investment, production and export, of course, we have to increase these figures even higher. This is of course not easy. We are aware that breaks in the supply chain, social, political and economic crises seriously affect the whole world and all sectors. Particularly fragile and unusual raw material pricing, we all know.” he said.


Emphasizing that it is not enough to be the largest steel producer in Europe, they need to transform their products into more qualified products, Minister Varank said, “For example, the issue of silicon steel… As you know, Turkey is about to become one of the world's largest suppliers of transformers and generators. Wherever you go in Africa today, Turkish transformers and generators are there. One of the most important raw materials used in this is silicon steel. We expect a step forward from our flat product manufacturers in Turkey, especially in terms of oriented siliceous sheet investment. Here Tosyalı promised me personally. “We will make this investment,” he said. We know that there are other areas like this that the iron and steel industry should enter.” he said.


Pointing out that they have seen the stainless steel consumption increase by almost 50 percent in Turkey in a year, Varank said, “They have been telling me since the day I became a minister, 'Mr. Minister, we need a stainless steel investment.' So can't we do that? We do. Çolakoğlu realized the pilot production of it. This means that if there is a deficit in these areas, we also have capabilities. For example, Çolakoğlu can easily enter the stainless steel issue.” said.


Varank, stating that they will continue to be the supporters of the manufacturers in all matters, said, “Great and strong Turkey will arise from the union of forces in the triangle of the public, business world and civil society. I wish the Ordinary General Assembly of the Turkish Steel Producers Association to be beneficial for our industry, our country and our nation. I would like to thank each of our managers who have served through our association and wish success to those who will take charge in the management in the new term.” he said.

In the General Assembly, President of Turkish Steel Producers Association Fuat Tosyalı, TÇÜD High Advisory Council President Hasan Çolakoğlu, TÇÜD Secretary General Dr. Mehmet Veysel Yayan also gave speeches.

After the speeches, plaques were presented to the members of the association.

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