Melek Mosso's Isparta Concert Canceled

Melek Mosson's Isparta Concert Canceled
Melek Mosso's Isparta Concert Canceled

After Aynur Doğan, Niyazi Koyuncu and Apolas Lermi, it was learned that the Melek Mosso concert, which will be held on 3 June at the Isparta International Rose Festival, has been cancelled.

Artist Melek Mosso was going to give a concert in the city on June 3 as part of the International Isparta Rose Festival.

Some political parties and non-governmental organizations expressed reactions to the concert, which was previously announced by the Isparta Municipality.


According to the news of Bora Tüfekli from Gerçek Gündem, Mehmet Kaya, Provincial Chairperson of the Welfare Party Again, insulted Melek Mosso and said, "It is a source of sadness that the nation's money is spent on such detractors."

Kaya said in his statement:

The fact that Melek MOSSO, known for attacking our culture, belief, morality and total sacredness, was invited under the name of an artist to the event that will be held under the name of the Rose Festival by the AKP municipality in our city, which is known to have high Islamic sensitivity in our country, was greeted with surprise and sadness by the people of our city, which is the bed of saints.

It is also a source of sadness that the money of the nation, which had to be spent on the service of our people, down to the last penny, of such activities that would help someone's efforts to rob our girls of their chastity under the name of "Rose Beauty", is also a source of sadness.

Our people are deeply hurt by the transfer of the nation's money to the children of a nation that started the National Struggle for the unfaithful hand reaching for the headscarf of a Muslim Turkish woman, as well as the transfer of the nation's money to them, under the name of an artist, of someone who is so despicable as to say as much as you know.

As the Welfare Party Again, we hope that this wrong and hurtful decision will be abandoned and corrected as soon as possible.


The Anatolian Youth Association and the National Youth Foundation reacted to the concert with a joint statement.

In the statement; “Recently, Isparta Municipality has been organizing concerts that are incompatible with the beliefs and traditions of our people. In these times when we are going through economically difficult times, such activities, which are organized by the taxes of our people, causing moral erosion of our youth, are not accepted by our people and cause discomfort. The concert of the singer Melek Mosso, which will be included in the Rose Festival to be held in the coming days, has revealed this discomfort. No singer who encourages immorality will be accepted as an artist by our people. These and similar singers have no place in our Isparta. As the Isparta People and Anatolian Youth Association Isparta Branch, we demand that these concerts, which harm our national and moral values ​​and set a bad example for our young people, be canceled immediately from our Isparta Municipality and Isparta Governorship.

It was learned that the concert, which was on the agenda in a short time on social media, was canceled.


Artist Melek Mosso, in a concert she gave before, said, “If you want to open, open, if you want to talk, speak. You don't need anyone to tell you how to act, what to do, how to dress, girls. You have your own wings. You don't need to be under anyone's wing. He was targeted for using the phrase "Fly".

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