Does Cat Litter Cause Allergies? Things to Consider When Choosing a Cat Toilet

cat litter
cat litter

Cat care at home is very difficult. Although it is important for us to make friends with our cute friends at home, in general, from eating and drinking to health, daily game needs, litter box Cat owners need to be careful in many matters, from essential needs such as Cat litter is generally of great importance for the general health and well-being of cats. There is cat litter in almost many structures. cat litter It is generally divided into types such as Betonite, crystalline cat litter and less clumping cat litter. All those who are curious about cat litter, which is especially important for animals that are very fond of cleanliness, such as cats, and much more have been prepared for you...

Cat litter toilet is among the materials needed for cats to meet their toilet needs. The cat litter used by cats to meet their toilet needs has a wide variety of features. The prices of these sands vary due to clumping type, bentonite and fine grained. In addition, the cat litter shovel is generally used to clean the clumped and moistened sand pieces. Cat litter shovels are also a great solution for not using gloves.

Does Cat Litter Cause Allergies?

Yes. Some components in cat litter can cause allergies in both cats and human skin in contact. Especially in scented sands and silicon sands, the allergen effect is much higher. In this case, conditions such as itching and skin flaking may occur in cats.

Although cat litters are absorbent and of high quality, they should generally be cleaned frequently. If the cat litter is not cleaned periodically every day, it may deteriorate in a short time and problems may occur on your cat's skin. For this reason, it should be cleaned frequently and should not be allowed to deteriorate.

Some types of cat litter can be allergic to humans. When this situation is noticed, it should not be used or touched in general. In addition, people should definitely prefer non-allergenic cat litters or insulate their skin well when changing litter.

From time to time, cats may swallow cat litter while digging or licking their paws and fur. Generally, cat litter manufacturers are aware of this risk and take care to make their production non-toxic.

In rare cases, kittens and cats with pica syndrome (the tendency to eat non-food items) may try to eat cat litter. If you think your cat has ingested a significant amount of sand, please contact your veterinarian.

What are the Cat Litter Types?

There are many types of cat litter. Cat litters are generally evaluated in two different ways as natural and unnatural cat litter. When looking at cat litter types in general, it is possible to talk about bentonite cat litter, sepiolite cat litter, diatomite cat litter, wood shavings cat litter, silica cat litter.

How to Change Cat Litter?

The question of how to replace cat litter is often asked. Garbage bags and gloves are required for replacing clumped sand. Dirty sand should be transferred into the bags carefully and new sand should be added by washing and drying the cat litter box.

There is nothing that can be done to prevent some varieties of cat litter from falling apart. In order to prevent the cat litter from scattering, what is usually required is to get a cat litter mat, and in this way, the remaining sand on the paws of the cats is purified.

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