9 Tips for Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

Tips for Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy
9 Tips for Proper Nutrition During Pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy is much more important than nutrition in other periods in order for the baby to be born healthy and for the mother to continue her life in a healthy way. Reminding that the only source of nutrition for the baby is the foods consumed by the mother, Dietician and Phytotherapy Specialist Buket Ertaş pointed out the nutritional mistakes made in the said period and made suggestions on proper nutrition.

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a unique period that every mother goes through. Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Dietician and Phytotherapy Specialist Buket Ertaş, who stated that it is a wrong perception to eat whatever is desired with the instinct of being "two lives" and motherhood, said, "From the first months of pregnancy, expectant mothers think that they should consume more calories. Fear of not being able to meet her baby's needs. However, this is not a common situation. In the first trimester of pregnancy, which we call the first trimester, the mother does not need to take extra calories. Normally, a healthy and regularly fed mother can continue her life in the same way. In addition, of course, the development of the baby should be monitored under the control of the doctor, correct nutrition education should be taken from the nutritionist and the supplements given by the doctor should be used regularly.

Buket Ertaş, who gave the information that the mother's need for extra calories starts from the 4th month, emphasized that the baby's development accelerates and the needs of the mother begin to increase and continued as follows: "However, this does not mean that the expectant mother can eat whatever she wants. Where the calories come from is very important. It is necessary to realize that the main issue is not to be satiated, but to be fed. Second trimester ie 4th-6th. Between the months, the calorie requirement of the mother increases by about 300-350 kcal. This corresponds to the consumption of approximately 1 extra slice of bread, 1 slice of cheese, 1 portion of fruit and 1 bowl of yogurt. In the third trimester, that is, in the last 3 months of pregnancy, the need for extra calories is 450 kcal. This is the period when the mother and baby gain the most weight. If there is no risk, it is the period when light exercises and healthy food choices are most important.”

Pointing out that eating healthy during pregnancy and gaining as much weight as necessary will contribute to the future baby's fight against diseases in the future life, Uzm. dit. Buket Ertaş gave the following information about the nutritional mistakes made during pregnancy and how the right behavior should be.

Consumption of sugary and packaged foods should definitely be zeroed.

Stating that fluctuations and increases in the mother's blood sugar may occur with the consumption of refined sugar, Ertaş gave the following information: “Sugar and insulin imbalances can cause the baby to be exposed to high blood sugar. This increases both the mother's risk of diabetes and the baby's risk of developing diabetes later or soon after birth.

Seasonal vegetables should be consumed

"Frozen or canned foods should be careful when consuming in terms of the risk of spoilage," said Uzm. dit. Buket Ertaş said, “Especially canned food with swollen and airtight lids should be thrown away immediately, and each jar should be checked separately. In addition, storage time and conditions may cause nutrient loss. It is best to choose vegetables and fruits in season and to minimize the risk.”

The amount of fruit should be planned according to the needs of the person, and excess should be avoided.

Although healthy, fruit means fructose (fruit sugar). Underlining that fruits contain plenty of vitamins, but at the same time, when consumed more than necessary, high blood sugar can be the main cause of belly fat, Ertaş said, “At the same time, unnecessary fructose is the main enemy of liver fat. Especially dried fruits consumed to make blood may increase the mother's risk of diabetes.

Herbal teas and teas of unknown content should not be consumed.

Extra care should be taken about plants that are effective in accelerating uterine movements and have phytoestrogenic effects. Specially warned that expectant mothers with a miscarriage threat should consult their physician for every tea they want to drink. dit. Buket Ertaş stated that different herbal mixtures such as open-air or winter tea carry more risks due to the risk of adulteration.

Watch out for undercooked meat and poorly washed greens!

Reminding that it is very important to be protected from pathogenic bacteria and to prevent the risk of infection during this period, Dr. dit. Buket Ertaş said, “This risk exists not only in meat but also in eggshell. After touching the egg, it is necessary to wash hands with soap and plenty of water. If you are going to eat out, it is necessary to say that the meat must be well cooked. If possible, well-cooked vegetables should be preferred instead of salads.

Fruit juice and pastry should be consumed sparingly.

Reminding that rapid weight gain should be prevented during pregnancy, Dr. dit. Buket Ertaş said, "Consumption of fruit juice and pastries should be limited, even if they are squeezed at home, in order to gain excess weight and minimize the risk of gestational diabetes."

If yogurt is made at home, pasteurized milk should be used instead of open milk.

Stating that there is a risk of sheltering many pathogens, especially brucella, in unpasteurized milk and dairy products, Ertaş warned that boiling raw milk at home may not be effective in killing some pathogens.

Attention should be paid to a colorful and varied diet

Emphasizing that it is important to include every healthy food on the table, Uzm. dit. Buket Ertaş said, “Meal distribution during the day and weekly meal planning must be done with awareness and food diversity. In this way, all vitamins and minerals necessary for the mother and baby will be accessed. It should not be forgotten that one-way nutrition can cause malnutrition.

Wrong diet can cause nutritional deficiencies

Stating that the diet should be done correctly during pregnancy, Ertaş warned that the most accurate diet list that can be done during pregnancy should be personalized and emphasized that help from a specialist should definitely be sought.

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