We Spent 60 Billion Lira on Online Vacation

We Spent 60 Billion Lira on Online Vacation

We Spent 60 Billion Lira on Online Vacation

Online holiday and travel expenditures in Turkey doubled in 2021 to reach 60 billion liras. “February 230 Turkey Online Vacation and Travel Report” of We Are Social and Kepios, which prepare global reports on the online behavior of people in 2022 countries every year, has been published.

The report showed that the tourism industry, which had come to a standstill in the previous year due to the pandemic, returned to its old days.


According to the compilations of Advantageix.com, which has many domestic and foreign holiday sites among its partners, the highest share among online holiday travel expenditures was the purchase of plane tickets with 25 billion 276 million TL last year.

The amount paid for hotel accommodation purchased online was 13 billion 32 million liras.

In the third place in online purchases, the highest expenditure was made on tours or hotel stays, which were sold as packages with 12 billion 362 million liras.

According to the report, other online purchases were listed as follows:

Opportunity holidays (3 billion 606 million TL), long-distance bus trips (2 billion 712 million TL), car rental (2 billion 583 million TL), train travel (395 million TL), cruise holidays (16 million TL)


Compared to 2020, when the impact of the pandemic was felt most intensely, online sales last year increased by 311% in cruise holidays, 76 percent in package tours or hotels, 54 percent in train tickets, 48 ​​percent in opportunity holidays, 41 percent in hotel accommodation, 31 percent in flight tickets, and long-distance busses. increased by 26 percent. Last year, car rental was the only sector whose online sales decreased (minus 5,5 percent) compared to the previous year.


Güçlü Kayral, co-founder of Advantageix.com, stated that even pre-pandemic sales figures were exceeded in the online holiday-travel sector and said, “The researches of We Are Social and Kepios are done in US Dollars. Before the pandemic, in 2019, 3 billion USD was spent on online vacation travel. In the report covering the last year, it was determined that the sales were 4 billion 224 million USD. There is a 41 percent increase in dollar terms. Turkey Informatics Industrialists' Association (TÜBİSAD) also announced the online holiday and travel expenses of 2020 as 30 billion liras. Accordingly, the increase in TL basis is 100 percent.” said.


Underlining that there are many advantages of purchasing vacations and travels over the internet, Kayral said:

“As the hotels make agreements with the agencies separately, the hotel prices may differ between the agencies. By using the comparison sites, it is possible to find the best price among the agencies. Especially, opportunity sites can provide a cheap holiday opportunity even from early booking. Making domestic or international holiday expenses through money-back shopping sites such as Advantageix.com provides the opportunity to earn up to 10% extra cash. There is no domestic-foreign concept on the Internet. Very competitive prices for Turkish hotels can be obtained from many foreign sites broadcasting in Turkish.”

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