Last Minute: Turkey Implemented the Montreux Straits Convention

last minute turkey montro deal
last minute turkey montro deal

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Montreux Convention came to the fore frequently. Turkey has announced that it will implement the agreement on this issue. Russian Ambassador to Ankara Aleksey Yerhov, regarding Turkey's stance, said, “I have to say that we appreciate Turkey's stance towards the protection and compliance of the Montreux Convention, which is an important international law document.” gave his words. Russian Ambassador to Ankara Aleksey Yerhov made important statements to Sena Alkan on HaberTürk screens about Russia's attacks on Ukraine. Yerhov expressed his thoughts on Turkey's adherence to the Montreux Convention.

Emphasizing that the Montreux Straits Convention is of great interest to them, Yerhov said, “I must say that we appreciate Turkey's stance towards the protection and compliance of the Montreux Convention, which is an important international law document.” said.

Pointing out that they are in constant contact with the Turkish authorities regarding the use of Yerhov, Montreux and the straits, “I believe that together we can come to a situation where all our interests and all our desires can come true.” used the phrase.

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Emphasizing that Russia wants to ensure its national security and this is its red line, Yerhov said that if Ukraine joins NATO, modern weapons that will be deployed on the territory of this country will pose a threat to its national security. Yerhov pointed out that they had informed the USA and NATO about their concerns and warned that they would take technical measures in order to reduce tension in the region, and stated that their proposals were constantly rejected.

Yerhov said that the Ukrainian army is trying to create the perception that Russia is targeting civilians by deploying weapons in civilian settlements, and that they are trying to present this situation to the public as a "crime against humanity".

Noting that the sanctions against Russia were tried both in the 1920s and the 1960s, Yerhov said, “Now we will learn to make payments to our partners without Rolls Royce and Mercedes and without using SWIFT, and we will succeed.” he said.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu made statements regarding the Montreux Straits Convention and the passage of warships through the straits. Reminding that in case of war, if Turkey is a party to the war, the authority and disposal in the Straits is entirely given to Turkey, Çavuşoğlu said: “If Turkey is not a party to the war, the warring countries have the authority not to pass their ships through the strait. If the warship is returning to its base in the Black Sea, the passage is not blocked. We apply the Montreux provisions. We warned all riparian and non-riparian countries against passing warships through the straits. We applied what Montreux said, and we will do it from now on. To date, there has been no request for passage or passage through the Straits. Until today, the Russians were asking whether we would implement Montreux if needed. We were telling them that we would strictly follow the agreement.”

Making evaluations on the agenda, President Erdoğan also referred to the Straits and Montreux Agreement and said, “We have decided to use the authority given to our country by the Montreux Convention in a way that will prevent the escalation of the crisis. We are in favor of respecting Ukraine's sovereignty, political integrity and territorial integrity. "We see the Russian attack as unacceptable and appreciate the struggle of the Ukrainian people," he said.

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