Ukraine's Air Defense Radars Destroyed

Ukraine's Air Defense Radars Destroyed
Ukraine's Air Defense Radars Destroyed

Making a statement in Russian at midnight on February 24, 2022, President of Ukraine Zelensky said that Ukraine does not pose a threat to Russia. In his speech, Zelensky stated that he wanted to have a phone call with Putin, but it ended as a fruitless attempt, and said that Russia was stationed on the Ukrainian border with 200 soldiers. Stating that Ukraine and Russia have a border of 200 km, Zelensky said that the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian government want peace and are striving in this direction. Zelensky, on the other hand, said that Russia had ordered troops in the region to advance towards Ukraine. Just at this time, Russia closed its airspace on the border line with Ukraine for air traffic control security reasons.

On February 24, in the morning hours, Russia started targeting the Ukrainian Armed Forces with its high firepower. The Russian Army carries out missile attacks on Ukraine's military facilities. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the air defense systems, military airports and air force in Ukraine were neutralized with “high-precision weapons”.

Finally, it was reported that the P-14 (Nato code name: Tall King A) long-range early warning radar of the Ukrainian army stationed in the city of Mariupol, south of Donetsk, was destroyed by the Russian Air Force in the morning with an air operation. SEAD / DEAD missions for Ukrainian air defense systems are carried out by the Russian Air Force. It is stated that the radar systems in question were hit with anti-radiation missiles.

Developed during the Soviet Union, the P-14 (Nato codename: Tall King A) was introduced in 1959. The radar, which is actively used by the Ukrainian army today, has a range of 400 km.

Source: defenceturk

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