One Hundred Percent Domestic and Leading Industrial Computer Manufacturer

One Hundred Percent Domestic and Leading Industrial Computer Manufacturer

One Hundred Percent Domestic and Leading Industrial Computer Manufacturer

The company's visionary perspective and R&D skills are behind the positioning of Cizgi Teknoloji, which stands out with its 100 percent domestic Artech brand, as a leading industrial computer manufacturer.


As one of the first entrepreneurial companies in industrial computer production in Turkey, Cizgi Teknoloji draws attention with its high market share in this direction and actively works with many of the important industrial groups in the market.

The company, which constantly renews itself with its innovative perspective, not only has a wide product range that can compete with the global players in the market, but also goes one step beyond this with the products it has developed and offers products with innovative features to its customers.

The most important driving force in this context is the R&D capabilities of the company, which also has an R&D center and attaches importance to innovation.


Emphasizing that they are trying to establish and prioritize the innovation culture in their companies in a sustainable way, Cizgi Teknoloji Sales, Marketing and Operations Director Mehmet Avni Berk said, “As a proof of our success, we won the 'Turkey Innovation Championship' in 2019. Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and TC. At the 2019 InovaLIG event jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we were awarded in the category of 'Innovation Results at SME scale'. This clearly demonstrates the importance we place on innovation, both in our products and in our internal operations.” said.


As a result of the R&D studies and the products that emerged from these studies, Cizgi Teknoloji's distinctiveness, which has succeeded in producing innovative products that are different from its rival products, stands out as an important factor in terms of being preferred by the customers.

Saying that they are constantly working on new and innovative projects within this framework, Berk stated that they have carried out various projects by TÜBİTAK and TEYDEB and continued as follows:

“For example, there are projects we have developed for the defense industry. I can say that special monitors used in the maritime and defense industry, which we call marine monitors, as well as special monitors that can be used in the terrestrial sense and can work on some defense industry vehicles such as tanks, especially in the defense industry.”

Stating that they continue to bring their innovative products to their customers in the Industrial PC product family, Berk said, “There are also some features we put in our own products that are not available in other products. We are trying to increase both the quality and durability of our products by using many different parts such as very fast changeable disk slots or high-capacity SSDs suitable for industrial use, RAMs, components used as 'Wide Temperature'. Thanks to the studies we have carried out in our R&D center, we offer our products with high resistance, such as products with fanless structure and products that can operate in higher temperature areas, to the market and to our customers.” he said.

The company, which makes patent applications with the production methods it has developed in the field of Industrial PC, also has innovative R&D outputs in its patented products.


Cizgi Teknoloji is among the top 500 companies that invest the most in R&D. While 38 personnel took part in the R&D Center, 9 projects were implemented within the center.

While the company spent 2020 million 3 thousand 133 TL on R&D in 986, a total of 2021 million TL is expected to be spent in 4.

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