New Mercedes Benz C-Class in Turkey

New Mercedes Benz C-Class in Turkey

New Mercedes Benz C-Class in Turkey

The New Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which has been completely renewed and has many firsts, is offered for sale in Turkey as of November, with prices starting from 977.000 TL.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class got its new generation as of 2021. The Turkey launch of the new C-Class was held with a driving organization in İzmir with the participation of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Executive Board and Automobile Group President Şükrü Bekdikhan. Experiencing the new C-Class, the participants closely examined the features of the vehicle, which embodies many firsts in the history of the model. Among the firsts of the C-Class with body code W206; In its rear design, there are features such as taillights carried to the trunk lid, second generation MBUX, optional rear axle steering and rear seat heating function. The engine, which is much more efficient with its new turbocharger developed together with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team, can meet lower emission rates than ever before.

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Edition 1 AMG: witness the ideal combination of technology and sportiness

A comprehensive equipment combination is offered in the first production-specific package of the new C-Class, the Edition 1 AMG. Designed for maximum exclusivity and comfort, the New C-Class Edition 1 AMG is equipped with features that will make your life easier. While the automatic tailgate closing system and KEYLESS-GO offer maximum comfort for the driver and passengers, 19-inch multi-spoke wheels and AMG-designed body-coloured trunk spoiler form the sporty components. DIGITAL LIGHT and Blind Spot Assist meet high security expectations.

Şükrü Bekdikhan: “We aim to be the leader in the premium automobile market with the new generation of the C-Class, which is our most preferred model in Turkey”

Şükrü Bekdikhan, Chairman of the Executive Board of Mercedes-Benz Automotive and Automobile Group; “Our model, which we first named '1982' and 'Baby Benz' in 190, has turned into a true success story with the title 'C-Class' since 1993. While approximately 10,5 million C-Class Sedans and Estates are sold worldwide, our generation hit the roads in 2014, surpassing the sales success of more than 2,5 million. Just last year, one of the seven Mercedes-Benz cars sold was a member of the C-Class family, and Turkey had a huge impact. The C-Class is our most preferred model in Turkey, making us the 6th largest C-Class market in the world.” said.

Şükrü Bekdikhan continued his words as follows: “With the C-Class, we are getting ready to witness a new chapter in the success story of our most popular model in our brand. In addition, the C-Class is one of the most preferred models of the Premium mid-size sedan segment. Carrying many of the features of the S-Class, the New C-Class is once again the perfect, desirable package of the Premium D-Segment; It enables us to meet with our customers in a luxury, sporty, digital and of course sustainable manner. With the new C-Class, we aim to lead the premium car market.”

Design: Emotional simplicity with a sporty and beautiful form

The new C-Class reveals extremely dynamic body proportions with its short front bumper-to-wheel distance, long wheelbase and traditional trunk overhang. The engine hood with power domes further reinforces the sporty look. The traditional body-proportion approach is in line with the “Cab-backward” design, with the windshield and passenger compartment moved to the rear. When it comes to interior quality, the pioneering C-Class has already taken an important step forward. The new C-Class takes the concept of "Modern Luxury" one step further. The interior design is based on the features of the new S-Class and interprets them in a sporty way.

Exterior design: silhouette animated with special plays of light

When viewed from the side, the carefully carved surfaces create a unique play of light. As designers minimize the lines, the shoulder line becomes even more pronounced. 18-inch to 19-inch wheels complete the sporty look.

Filling the front view, the brand-specific front grille features a centrally positioned "Star" on all versions. The AMG design concept uses a chrome "Star" and a diamond pattern grille.

When viewed from the rear, the distinctive lines of a Mercedes-Benz Sedan are striking, while the taillights draw attention with their unique day and night appearance. For the first time in the Sedan body type of the C-Class, a two-piece rear lighting group design is used, while the lighting functions are divided into the side panels and the taillight parts in the trunk lid. Exquisite details, optional or optional, complete the exterior. Options are enriched with three new colors: “Metallic Spectral Blue”, “Metallic High-Tech Silver” and “Designo Metallic Opalite White”.

Interior design: Emphasis on sportiness with a driver-oriented approach

The console is divided into two, upper and lower. Aircraft engine-like flattened round ventilation grilles and flamboyant decorative surfaces reinforce the perception of quality and sportiness in the architecture resembling a wing profile. The inclined structure of the instrument and the center screen by 6 degrees provides a driver-oriented and sporty appearance.

A high-resolution, 12.3-inch LCD screen dominates the driver's cockpit. The floating screen makes the cockpit look different from traditional round instrument displays.

Digitization in the cabin continues in the center console as well. Vehicle functions are managed via a high-resolution 11,9-inch touchscreen. The touchscreen also appears to float in midair. Like the instrument display, the display in the center console also offers a driver-oriented design.

A premium chrome trim splits the center console, with a softly padded armrest section and a glossy black area just in front of it. The middle screen, which seems to float in mid-air, rises from this three-dimensional surface. The plain and modern designed door panels integrate with the console design. Metallic surfaces in the middle part of the door panel, like the center console, increase the perception of quality. The handle, door opener and window controls are located in this section, while the central locking and seat controls are located higher up. The faux leather console is offered as standard. Wood surfaces in light-grained browns or light-grained black are enhanced by elegant aluminum trim.

The latest MBUX generation: Intuitive use and open to learning

Like the new S-Class, the new C-Class is equipped with the second-generation MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system. With the second generation MBUX, whose hardware and software have improved significantly, the interior gains an even more digital and smarter structure. Bright images on LCD screens make it easy to control the vehicle and comfort equipment.

The appearance of the screens can be personalized with three screen themes (Elegant, Sporty, Classic) and three modes (Navigation, Assistant, Service). In the “Classic” theme, a screen with the usual two round instruments is presented, in the middle of which the driving information is displayed. In the "Sporty" theme, a more dynamic environment is created thanks to a sportier central rev counter with a red accent. In the “Elegant” theme, the content on the display screen is minimized. The displays can also be colored with seven different ambient lighting.

Hey Mercedes: the voice assistant that gets smarter every day

The “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant is able to establish more dialogue. E.g; some actions like accepting the incoming call “Hey Mercedes” activation sözcüIt can also be used without it. It also offers support and explanations for the "Hey Mercedes" vehicle function with the "Help" command. The system can even recognize the passengers' "Hey Mercedes" voice.

Other important MBUX features

"Augmented reality navigation" is offered as optional equipment. A camera captures the image in front of the vehicle and displays it in the center display. In addition to the video image; Virtual objects, information and signs such as traffic sign, turn guidance or lane change recommendation are integrated. This feature facilitates navigation guidance within the city. In addition, a colored virtual instrument panel is optionally available on the windscreen. This screen shows the driver a 4,5x23cm virtual image suspended in midair about 8m above the bonnet.

Four-cylinder petrol engine with second generation ISG

In the new C-Class, the second generation four-cylinder petrol engine (M 20) with integrated starter generator (ISG) offering 200 hp additional power and 254 Nm extra torque is introduced for the first time. With the contribution of functions such as energy recovery and filtration, the gasoline engine reveals a much more efficient structure.

The new turbocharger was developed in collaboration with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team. The transfer of technology to mass production sets completely new standards in terms of performance and efficiency.

Transmission: Automatic transmission always standard

The 9G-TRONIC transmission has been further developed within the framework of adapting the ISG. Since the electric motor, power electronics and transmission cooler are integrated into the transmission, there is no need for additional lines and connections, and space and weight advantage is gained. In addition, the efficiency of the gearbox has been increased. Among other contributions, the electric auxiliary oil pump and the mechanical pump's transmission volume have been reduced by 30 percent compared to the previous model, increasing efficiency. In addition, a new generation of fully integrated transmission control with a multi-core processor, new assembly and connection technology is used. In addition to the increased processing power, the number of electrical interfaces has been reduced, while the weight of the transmission control units has been reduced by 30 percent compared to its predecessor.

The 4MATIC in all-wheel drive versions has also been improved. The new front axle enables higher torque transmission and provides superior driving dynamics with ideal axle load distribution. It also provides a significant weight advantage over the previous system, helping to reduce CO2 emissions. With the new transfer case, the engineers further reduced friction losses. In addition, since it has a closed oil circuit, it does not require any additional cooling measures.

Undercarriage: Comfort and agility

The new dynamic suspension uses a new four-link front axle and multi-link rear axle. The suspension brings along with it advanced suspension, rolling and noise comfort, as well as agile driving characteristics and superior driving dynamics. The new C-Class can also be equipped with optional suspension and sports suspension.

Rear axle steering: More agile, more dynamic

The new C-Class offers a much more agile and stable drive with optional rear axle steering and a steering system that works more directly on the front axle. The 2,5-degree steering angle at the rear axle reduces the turning circle by 40 cm to 11,05 meters. With rear axle steering, a lower steering lap, which is 2,35 (with 2,3MATIC and comfort steering) instead of 4, provides ease of maneuvering, regardless of the driving concept.

At speeds below 60 km/h, when manoeuvring, the rear wheels are steered up to 2,5 degrees in the opposite direction from the angle of the front wheels. The wheelbase is shortened virtually, making the vehicle more agile. At speeds above 60 km/h the rear wheels are steered up to 2,5 degrees in the same direction as the front wheels. While the wheelbase is virtually extended, a more dynamic and more stable driving character is created, especially at high speeds. The vehicle offers a dynamic and agile drive with less steering angle, and responds more sportily to steering orders.

Driving assistance systems: relieve and support the driver in dangerous situations

The latest generation of driver assistance systems includes additional and more advanced functions compared to the previous C-Class. Thanks to the systems that lighten the driver's load, the driver can drive much more comfortably and safely. The systems help the driver to react appropriately in the event of a potential danger. The functionality of the systems is animated by a new display concept in the driver's display.

  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC; It automatically maintains the preset distance to the vehicle in front in different road conditions, including highway, highway and urban. The system, which previously responded to vehicles at a speed of up to 60 km/h, was developed and now also responds to vehicles that are stationary at 100 km/h.
  • Active Steering Assist; It supports the driver in following the lane at speeds up to 210 km/h. It supports driving safety with lane detection, improved cornering performance on highways and superior lane centering features on highways, together with the 360-degree camera that creates an emergency lane, especially at low speeds.
  • Advanced traffic sign detection system; In addition to traffic signs such as speed limits, it also detects road signs and roadwork signs. The stop sign and red light warning (as part of the driving assistance package) are introduced as key innovations.

Advanced parking systems that support the driver while manoeuvring

Thanks to advanced sensors, auxiliary systems support the driver while manoeuvring. MBUX integration makes the process more intuitive and faster. The optional rear axle steering is integrated into the parking assistants, while the calculation of lanes is adjusted accordingly. The emergency braking feature also helps protect other traffic stakeholders.

Collision safety: Meets all global requirements

The C-Class is one of the rare cars in the world sold in many countries. It is currently sold in over 100 countries. This requires an extremely extensive development phase. All engine and body types, right-hand and left-hand drive vehicles, 4MATIC vehicles and hybrid vehicles, versions must meet the same requirements. Apart from this, special equipment comes into play to meet special requirements. For example, vehicles produced for Europe have a center airbag integrated into the backrest of the driver's seat. Depending on the direction of the collision, the severity of the accident and the load situation, in the event of a severe side impact, it opens between the driver and the front passenger, reducing the risk of head collision.

Along with PRE-SAFE, which is effective in front and rear collisions, PRE-SAFE Impulse Side (with Driving Assistance Package Plus) creates a kind of virtual torsion zone on the side of the vehicle. Since there is a limited torsion area in the event of a possible side impact, PRE-SAFE Impulse Side increases the torsion area by inflating the air sac integrated into the backrest of the seat on the relevant side before the impact.

DIGITAL LIGHT: High luminous power and optional projection function

DIGITAL LIGHT is included as standard, along with the Edition 1 AMG equipment, which was offered exclusively for the launch. Revolutionary headlight technology provides new functions, such as projecting auxiliary signs or warning symbols onto the road. With DIGITAL LIGHT, each headlight has a light module with three very powerful LEDs. The light of these LEDs is refracted and directed with the help of 1,3 million micro mirrors. Thus, a resolution of over 2,6 million pixels is provided per vehicle.

The system opens up almost limitless possibilities for high-resolution light distribution that adapts very successfully to ambient conditions. Cameras and sensors in the vehicle detect other stakeholders in the traffic, powerful computers evaluate the data and digital maps in milliseconds, and command the headlights to illuminate according to the conditions. Thus, the best possible lighting performance is achieved without glare in the eyes of other traffic stakeholders. It also comes with innovative functions. DIGITAL LIGHT provides a very long lighting range with its ULTRA RANGE function.

Comfort equipment: Improved in many aspects

The impact of the optional massage function of the front seats has expanded and covers the entire back area. Eight pouches in the backrest provide the best possible relaxation. On the driver's side, there is also a four-motor vibration massage integrated into the pouch. Rear seat heating is also offered for the first time.

ENERGIZING COMFORT's “Fit & Healthy” approach creates worlds of experience by combining different comfort systems. The system creates a mood-appropriate atmosphere in the interior, for example invigorating when the driver is tired and relaxing when stress levels are high. ENERGIZING COACH recommends an appropriate wellness or relaxation program based on vehicle and driving information. If the driver carries a suitable smart device, sleep quality and stress level information is also added to the algorithm.

The AIR-BALANCE package offers a personal fragrance experience indoors, depending on personal preference and mood. The system improves the air quality in the cabin by ionizing and filtering the air.

Technicial Specifications:

C 200 4MATIC

Engine capacity cc 1.496
Maximum power b/ kW 204final match.
number of revolutions d/d 5.800-6.100
Additional power (Boost) bg/kW 20final match.
Maximum torque Nm 300
Uncle of the Age d/d 1.800-4.000
Additional torque (Boost) Nm 200
NEFZ Fuel consumption (combined) l/100 km 6,9-6,5
CO2 Mixed emissions g / km 157-149
Acceleration 0-100 km/h sn 7,1
Maximum speed km / s 241

Consumption values ​​according to the WLTP norm

C 200 4MATIC

WLTP Fuel consumption overall l/100 km 7,6-6,6
WLTP CO.2 Emissions in general g / km 172-151

Did you know about the C-Class?

  • The C-Class is Mercedes-Benz's highest volume model in the last decade. The current generation, which was introduced to the market in 2014, has been sold over 2,5 million units with the Sedan and Estate body types since then. Since 1982, it has reached a total of 10,5 million people.
  • Front and rear passengers benefit from the increase in size in the new generation. Compared to its predecessor, the elbow room has been increased by 22 mm for the driver and front passenger, and by 15 mm for the rear passengers. The headroom of the rear seat passengers has been increased by 13 mm. Up to 35 mm increase in rear seat legroom increases travel comfort.
  • The C-Class takes another important step in terms of digitalization and quality in the interior. The interior, with its display and operating concept, is based on the features of the new S-Class and interprets them in a sporty way. The inclined structure of the instrument and the center screen by 6 degrees brings a driver-oriented and sporty appearance.
  • Smart building technologies and home appliances can be controlled with the MBUX‚ Hey Mercedes voice assistant. With the smart home function, devices can be remotely managed by connecting them with the vehicle.
  • The light in each DIGITAL LIGHT headlight is refracted and directed with the help of 1,3 million micro mirrors. Thus, a resolution of over 2,6 million pixels is provided per vehicle.
  • With rear axle steering, the turning radius is reduced by 40 centimeters to 11,05 meters. In this optional equipment, the rear axle steering angle is 2,5 degrees.

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