How Much Are Eastern Express Ticket Prices? Eastern Express Route and Wagon Types

How Much Are Eastern Express Ticket Prices? Eastern Express Route and Wagon Types

How Much Are Eastern Express Ticket Prices? Eastern Express Route and Wagon Types

The Eastern Express, which has gained great popularity in Turkey, is followed closely with its ticket prices. Here are the Eastern Express ticket prices and route information as of 2021.

The Eastern Express, starting from Ankara, allows to visit the Eastern regions as well as to watch the unique geography of Turkey throughout the journey. The fares for the Eastern Express, which is one of the most preferred options for those who want to have a little getaway and tour Turkey with a pleasant journey, have been updated.

Which cities does the Eastern Express pass through? Eastern Express Route

The Eastern Express route, which is especially popular among the young audience, is the route of Ankara Train Station – Elmadağ – Kırıkkale – Kayseri Train Station – Şarkışla – Sivas Train Station – Yenikangal – Divriği – Kemah – Erzincan Train Station – Karasu – Ilıca – Palandöken – Erzurum Train Station – Hasankale – Horasan - Sarikamis - Kars Train Station.

Eastern Express and Wagon Types

The train offers three different types of travel: pulman, covered bunk and bed.

In Pullman, which is the wagon where the entire journey is spent on the seat and there is no sleeping alternative, all the seats can rotate around itself. Covered Bunks, on the other hand, are called wagons with bunk beds on opposite double sofas and rooms that can accommodate 4 people. Sleeping wagons are mostly preferred in the Eastern Express. In this wagon type with a mini fridge, special sink and shelf, the room temperature can be adjusted as desired.

Guests are served at the restaurant in the dining car on the Eastern Express. Those who want to see the white snow scenes with the Eastern Express prefer the months of January-February, and those who want to see the lush green plateaus of the East prefer the period of May-June.

How much are the Eastern Express ticket prices?

On the Eastern Express, where sleeper rooms are generally preferred because the journeys are long, the price per person for students and teachers in the couched wagons is 69.50 TL. Those who want to join the flights that have been restarted as of July 12, 2021, just make a ticket inquiry on the official website and buy tickets for the appropriate dates.

While people who prefer sleeper wagons in particular should pay higher, 480 TL for a single bed wagon and 249 TL per bed for two people is required. Other ticket prices are as follows:

For the Eastern Express covered couchette wagon (bedroom);

  • Student-teacher 69.50 TL
  • Full 78 TL,
  • 60-64 years old 69.50 TL,
  • 65 and over and children (7-12 years old) are 49 TL.

For 2021 Eastern Express regular seat (Pulman) 

  • Full 58 TL,

Student (13-26 years old) 49,50 TL, 

  • Ages 60-64 49,50 TL


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