Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Enters Service With Its New Face on November 24

Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Enters Service With Its New Face on November 24

Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Enters Service With Its New Face on November 24

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer's promise to renew before the election within the framework of a "greener Izmir" vision. Behçet Uz Recreation Area will be put into service with its new face on Wednesday, November 24. Stating that they are happy to renew one of the biggest green areas of İzmir and bring it to the city, Mayor Soyer said, “We are pleased to keep our promises. We look forward to welcoming all Izmir residents to the opening,” he said.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerAnother important project promised by . It will be a meeting place for all citizens of Izmir, primarily citizens living in Bornova, Buca and Konak districts. The renovation works in the Behçet Uz Recreation Area have been completed. President Soyer invited all Izmir residents to the opening at 24:12.00 on Wednesday, XNUMX November and said, “We are pleased to keep our promises. Good luck and good luck to all Izmir residents. We continue to work hard to create a green, resilient and fair city, and we will continue.”

It will be the new meeting and activity center of the city, with a recreation area of ​​180 thousand square meters, built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department, and environmental renovations completed by the Department of Science Affairs, a terrace where the citizens of Izmir can watch the city, a children's playground, sports activity and rest areas.

Sports opportunities for young people

Dr. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor within the scope of the renovation works of Behçet Uz Recreation Area Tunç SoyerIn line with the goal of making Izmir a youth and sports city, the football field in the field was brought to FIFA standards. Changing rooms and a 500-seat tribune were built. In this field, amateur sports clubs will train, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Club will train athletes, and the field will also host official matches. In the recreation area, there are 480 meters long tartan jogging track and 800 meters long bicycle track, fitness area at 4 different points, traffic training park for children, playgrounds, sports and picnic areas. Closed entrances were reactivated and a connection was established with Murat Mahallesi in the south of the area.

There is a large square for events

New functions have been added to the terraces with sports equipment. Existing structural areas were also enriched with urban equipment and transformed into a viewing terrace. Two binoculars were placed on the viewing terraces where the people of Izmir could watch the scenery. There is a grass area for activities to be held in the recreation area. In addition, a square has been added to the area where organizations such as concerts and theater can be held. A 2 square meter children's playground was created in the recreation area, and the area was equipped with new generation children's playgrounds. The security of the park was ensured with night lighting and a camera system. An emergency button was also placed, which will enable citizens to reach Izmir Metropolitan Municipality units in case of a negative situation.
The sculpture made by the sculptor Tonguç Sercan in the square located at the farthest point of the area. There is a statue of Behçet Uz. Izmir fire on the granite plates in front of the statue, the opening of the fair and Dr. There are sections about Behçet Uz's life.

3 trees were protected, 500 saplings were planted

With the environmental renovations, 25 thousand 323 trees in the recreation area, which cost 3 million 150 thousand liras, were preserved. In addition to 500 saplings, planting of more than 250 thousand plants, including shrubs, ground cover, seasonal flowers and wrapping plants, was completed. Within the framework of İzmir's Strategy for Living in Harmony with Nature, plant species suitable for the natural flora of the Mediterranean and İzmir region were used instead of exotic plant species in the recreation area. It is planned to save water with xeric landscape plants on large green surfaces. The structural units were designed as mobile as most of the area is located in the water conservancy.

The area was put into service in 2001 by the mayor of the time, Ahmet Piriştina.

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