Let Your Baby Be Own!

Let Your Baby Be Own!

Let Your Baby Be Own!

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult processes for mothers in child feeding is the child's learning to feed on his own.

After the 6th month, put food suitable for your baby to feed, let him eat as he wishes. Babies discover everything by touching and playing a little, then bringing them to their mouths. So is food for a baby, it is like a toy to discover. Therefore, the mother must show patience. Definitely, the key point here is that the mother should trust her baby first and feel comfortable.

Early gaining of the child's ability to eat by himself will first give him the "Sense of Competence." prevents conflicts.

There are hundreds of children who are stubborn in order not to eat, who wait for hours in their mouths, who do not eat without a tablet without a phone, who make defects in every meal, who vomit what they eat, and who make excuses for not reaching every table time. The reason for all this is, unfortunately, the anxious and protective attitude of the caregiver. This method, which has been used by our mothers since then, is now called the BLW Method (Baby Led Weaning). However, it is more appropriate to take the initiative in nutrition from the adult and give it to the baby.

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