Minister Varank Received Detailed Information on the Raven Weapon System at SAHA EXPO

Minister Varank Received Detailed Information on the Raven Weapon System at SAHA EXPO

Minister Varank Received Detailed Information on the Raven Weapon System at SAHA EXPO

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited TÜBİTAK stand at SAHA EXPO. Accompanying Minister Varank during the visit, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal gave information about TÜBİTAK's products at SAHA EXPO.

Minister Varank first examined the products of the institute at the BİLGEM stand. In particular, Varank, who received information about the unmanned mine / handmade explosive detection tool IMTA, also observed the land, air and sea kiosks in detail. In the land kiosk, FODRAD, GIS-SARP with Real Time Operating System, JARMOL Kuşrad Radar Systems, Laser Communication System, National Surveillance Radar and National Processor Pebbles can be viewed interactively. Tower and Radar Simulator atcTRsim, Gravel, F-16 Fighter Aircraft Tactical Electronic Support Pod (EHPOD), Eren Drone Mounted Laser System, GIS, HELİTR and Fighter Aircraft Main Control System can be displayed in the air kiosk. Ship Magnetic Trace Suppression System (Degaussing), Optical Communication System (OpHab), Underwater Combat Management System, New Type Submarine Battery Monitoring System (YT-DABIS), New Type Underwater Telephone (YT-SATEL), High Power Laser System in the marine kiosk can be viewed interactively by visitors.

Minister Varank, exhibited at the TÜBİTAK MAM booth, Anti-Submarine Warfare Sonar Transducer Element (TBT-01), Self-Contained Respirator Chemicals, Chemical Warfare Agents Detection Device (MAM-CDET), Plastic Bonded Explosive Production, Single Crystal Turbine Blade, Fuel Cell Module and Components and Fuel Cell Military Bag, President of TUBITAK Prof. Dr. He got information from Mandal.

Minister Varank also presented Bozdoğan, Gökdoğan, HGK-84 missile models at the TÜBİTAK SAGE stand, as well as KGK-83, Kuzgun family (Kuzgun-SS, Kuzgun-KY and Kuzgun-TJ), NEB-84, SARB-83, SERT-82, SOM. , munitions and missiles such as SOM-J, SAGE navigation systems.

Detailed information was given to Minister Varank about the Raven Weapon System, which is continued as an equity project. KUZGUN-TJ, the member with the highest forward range of the new generation product family Kuzgun, which is modular in terms of warhead, range and guidance method, designed to meet the need for tactical guided ammunition, can hit a target approximately 200 kilometers away thanks to its integrated mini turbojet engine after it is released from the aircraft. . The Kuzgun-SS variant, which has the heaviest warhead mass in the family, can reach a range of 40 kilometers with "free gliding" when released from an altitude of 110 thousand feet. In addition, Kuzgun-KY, which has a flight speed of more than 2,5 mach, with a time to reach the target in seconds, shoots from land and surface platforms as well as aircraft. National smart missile family Kuzgun; The F-16 will serve as a joint weapon system for use on land and sea platforms in Hürjet, Hürkuş, Akıncı, Aksungur, Anka and National Combat Aircraft.

Minister Varank visited the presentation areas of the Integrated Cyber ​​Security System Octopus, Central Management System Liderahenk and Identity Management System Viper at the TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM stand.

Developed with national resources, Octopus ensures Turkey's security in the cyber world. The system, which includes 15 different cyber security components with both the open source community version and the corporate versions running on private Octopus hardware, is preferred by various corporate customers from military organizations to public institutions and the banking sector. Corporate and hardware versions of Octopus, an integrated cyber security product that has proven itself both with its success in customer systems and its success in NATO CWIX and Locked Shields exercises, are exhibited at SAHA EXPO.

At the TÜBİTAK UZAY stand, Minister Varank received information about the latest situation in the sub-meter resolution IMECE Satellite, GÖKTÜRK-2, RASAT and TÜRKSAT 6A, which was developed using domestic and national resources.

Varank, SAHA Istanbul Chairman of the Board Haluk Bayraktar and TUBITAK President Prof. Dr. He toured other stands with Hasan Mandal.

Minister Varank, together with his delegation, also visited the stands of representatives of the Ukrainian defense industry such as Ukroboronprom, Corporation Ivchenko, Defense Technology llc Mechatronics.

Visiting the stand of the Polish company WB Group, Varank also visited the stands of “Transvaro, Canik, Ankara-İvedik Organized Industrial Zone, Technopark Ankara, FLY BVLOS TECNOLOGY, Altınay Defense Technologies”.

During his visit, with the staff at the stand sohbet Minister Varank evaluated that the companies were satisfied with the fair.

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