How to Approach Introverted Children?

How to Approach Introverted Children?

How to Approach Introverted Children?

Specialist Clinical Psychologist M├╝jde Yah┼či gave important information about the subject. Although some children may seem shy and shy, these children are actually children with an "Introverted" temperament. Being introverted is an innate trait depending on the genetics of the child.

introverted children; they listen to the voice of their inner world, care about introspection and make more observations. their silence; It is not because they want to talk but cannot speak because they are ashamed, but because they prefer to listen. They do not make many friends, but few; deep with friend sohbet They love to talk, they know the difference between empty talk and real love. They like the plan and the program, they do not act with instant decisions. They are not in a hurry, they are slow, but this slowness is not because they are clumsy, but because they adapt to their inner balance.

On the contrary, shy children; They want to be social, but they feel uneasy because they are afraid of the unfamiliar environment, and at that time, negative thoughts cross their minds. They care about the opinions of others and fear not being accepted, such as, ÔÇťWhat if I can't speak properly, or if they make fun of me or think badly about me, or if I can't reflect myself as I am, or if they exclude meÔÇŽÔÇŁ

parent's fault; forcing the introverted child to become an extroverted child. It's like trying to turn an apple into a pear. Apple is apple, pear is pear, both have different benefits and taste.

Parents should realize the determination of the introverted child, spare time for him, give him confidence, be understanding and patient with him, and make him feel that they will always be there for him in any situation.

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