Ege University is Close to Being a Research University

Ege University is Close to Being a Research University
Ege University is Close to Being a Research University

Ege University is counting the days to reach its goal of becoming a research university, which it set 4 years ago. It is considered certain that Ege University will be included in the list of new Research Universities to be announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in September.

All academic and administrative units and students of the university worked in unity and solidarity for the status of a Research University, which will be a result of Ege University's academic change and transformation strategy. For this purpose, Ege University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak came together with nearly 500 university staff within the scope of the 'Evening Tea with the Rector' meetings, which he organized to strengthen the bond of belonging of the EU members and to develop the corporate culture. After this event, in which goals for multidisciplinary projects were set within the framework of corporate culture at Ege University, the "Ege University Future Council", which will contribute to the strategic plans that will shape the future of Ege University, was held with the participation of approximately one thousand academic staff.


In this process, in which the scientific research climate was developed and encouraged, scientific projects were supported and the Scientific Research Projects directive was revised. A measurable quality system has been established with systems such as EGE-LABSİS, BAPSİS, AVESİS. The increasing projects of Aegean scientists were reflected in the results in a short time. Research Universities Performance Monitoring Index studies for 2019, in which YÖK evaluates the performance of research and candidate research universities, revealed this rise. Rector Prof. Dr. In line with the goal of becoming a "Research University" initiated under the leadership of Necdet Budak, EÜ has surpassed the first and most important step of its goal of being in the Research Universities league by rising from 3th to 11th with its studies in the last 9 years. Ege succeeded in raising its score from 2017 in 24,44 to 2018 in 25,92 and 2019 in 33,43. EU became the university with the highest score increase among the candidate universities.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will announce the new research universities in September. Ege University is most likely expected to be one of these research universities.

Expressing that they are very close to the point of being a research university, Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak said, “Universities all over the world have a clear role in contributing to society. It is the most important duty of universities to provide education in the best way and to contribute to science. From this point of view, we, as a university, strive to continuously improve our university and take it forward. The research university target has also been an important source and light for these studies. At this point, we continue our work. We are very close to our goal of becoming a research university. We are working to make our university one of the most important educational institutions recognized in the international community. In the process of becoming a research university, we continue to get proud results with our education quality registered with full accreditation. As a university, we cooperate with various institutions and organizations in R&D and develop many research projects. We offer our researchers the opportunity to facilitate their career development by strengthening international circulation with the projects we have developed. As EU, we continue to work in interaction and cooperation under the same roof to ensure that our successes continue to increase. This year, as a research university, we will continue our journey in line with our strong vision and mission with even stronger motivation.”

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