Great Success from Izmir Airline Logistics Company

Great Success from Izmirli Airline Logistics Company
Great Success from Izmirli Airline Logistics Company

Yeditepe Cargo, an air transportation company from Izmir, became the first in Ankara in air transportation. The company, which has not lost the first place in the Aegean Region for 10 years, aims to be the winner of the first prizes in Bursa and Adana.

Yeditepe Cargo Founding General Manager Alp Tuğhan stated that as a company from Izmir, they are justifiably proud of being the first in Ankara. Tuğhan Ankara received the first prize from THY executives.

Emphasizing that they serve the whole world as an Izmir-based company, Tuğhan made statements about the awards they received and their new goals. Tuğhan said, “We have been the first in the Aegean region in air transportation for 10 years. We are a company based in Izmir. We opened our Ankara office two years ago. As an Izmir-based company, we became the first in Ankara in a very short time. This motivated us a lot. We have created a good synergy with the energy of our fellow citizens of Izmir. After this award, we opened our Adana and Bursa offices. We aim to be the first in our new destinations Bursa and Adana in 2022. This award is given to us by THY. Agencies that generate more business volume with airlines receive awards. The awards are evaluated in terms of both tonnage and business volume.

Emphasizing that they are the third in their sector throughout Turkey, Tuğhan said, “If we evaluate our sector throughout Turkey, we are in the third place in our category. The first two companies are international companies. As a local and Izmir company, we are proud of being in the top three. As a company with Turkish capital, it is a very good development to be in the top three. As Yeditepe Cargo, we have our own offices in Izmir, Istanbul, Bursa, Adana, Ankara, Konya, Milas. Due to the pandemic in 2021, the sectors just started to recover. Our goal is to be the first in new regions in 2022”

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