Samsung Introduces New Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic Smartwatches

new galaxy watch and galaxy watch classic from samsung
new galaxy watch and galaxy watch classic from samsung

The new Galaxy Watch4 Series, introduced by Samsung, attracts attention with its brand new operating system, user interface (UI) and improved hardware performance.

Samsung Electronics introduced the new Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic smartwatches, which are groundbreaking in smartwatch innovation. Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic are the first smartwatches to use the new Wear OS operating system powered by Samsung and co-developed with Google™. The watches also feature Samsung's most intuitive user interface, One UI Watch. Backed by advanced hardware performance, Galaxy Watch4 Series offers a seamless and excellent user experience like never before compared to previous models. The new smartwatches have also been redesigned to provide users with the best tools to become even more fit.

Samsung's most advanced suite of wellness features

Galaxy Watch4 features Samsung's revolutionary BioActive sensor, which, despite having a smaller and compact design, does not lose any of its accuracy in measurement. The single chip used in this new 3-in-1 sensor operates three different and powerful sensors together: Optical Heart Rate Measurement, Electrocardiography and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. In addition to these sensors, the new Body Composition Measurement Tool is also available in the Galaxy Watch 4 series. The smartwatch's sensor can capture 15 data points in about 2.400 seconds.

The Galaxy Watch4 Series smartwatches also incorporate a host of wellness features to keep users on track with their daily activities and motivate them to achieve their best. Users can choose from suggested workouts, group races with friends or family, or turn their home into a gym by connecting to their Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch via compatible Samsung Smart TV. When users want to rest, Galaxy Watch4 Series smart watches can offer the most comprehensive assessment of sleep patterns in a more detailed way than ever before. With the Advanced Sleep Score feature, it is possible to rest better by accessing information about sleep patterns. These features are expected to come to Turkey in the future.

new galaxy watch and galaxy watch classic from samsung

Premium mobile experience with One UI Watch interface and Samsung-powered Wear OS

Simplicity, convenience and efficiency are the key features of the Galaxy smartwatch platform. With Samsung's brand new One UI Watch interface and Samsung-powered Wear OS, the smartwatch and Galaxy experience becomes more seamless. Thanks to One UI Watch, available applications downloaded to the phone are automatically downloaded to the smart watch. Important settings such as Do Not Disturb on hours and blocked numbers are also instantly synchronized with the smartwatch. Thanks to the Auto Switch feature, it is possible to switch between the phone and the smart watch according to the usage situation. Availability and language options also make it easy to manage the mobile experience using the framework and Gesture Control features. To answer calls, the user simply lifts and lowers their arm twice, and twice to reject calls or turn off notifications and alarms.

The Galaxy Watch4 Series are the first smartwatches to use Wear OS powered by Samsung, a new platform that further enhances every aspect of the smartwatch experience. Thanks to this cutting-edge platform developed by Samsung and Google, it is possible to connect to a comprehensive ecosystem directly on the wrist. Leading third-party applications such as adidas Calm, Strava and Spotify, which can be accessed via Google Play, are also supported on the new platform, which brings popular Google applications such as Google Maps and applications such as SmartThings and Bixby, which are among the most popular Galaxy services, to users' fingertips. Users can enjoy seamless and comfortable yet integrated experiences with Galaxy Watch4's advanced hardware features and an even more intuitive user interface. For example, the expanded built-in compass application works with Google Maps to make it easier to discover new places.

Powerful performance is now on your wrist

Behind this amazing smartwatch experience are important hardware upgrades such as enhanced processor, richer display options and increased memory. With 20 percent faster CPU and 50 percent more RAM, the first 5nm processor in a Galaxy Watch and a 10x faster GPU compared to its predecessor, scrolling and multitasking become smooth and effortless on the Galaxy Watch4 Series. In addition, with the new screen resolution increased to 450×450 pixels, the visuals become more vivid and more distinctive. Thanks to the impressive 16GB of memory protected by Samsung's Knox security platform, users can safely download and store their favorite apps, music and photos.

Although the smartwatch runs a faster processor, higher resolution display, more memory space and deeper fitness features compared to previous models, it will not let users down thanks to its battery life lasting up to 40 hours. When users need a quick charge, they will be able to get 30 hours of battery life with a 10-minute charge time.

TM Roh, President of Samsung Electronics and Head of Mobile Communications, said: “We've seen tremendous growth in the Galaxy Watch lineup as consumers discover the wellness benefits and convenience of wearables. With the awareness that the path to a healthy life is different for everyone, we have created a package with comprehensive features to provide users with more in-depth and more functional information about fitness.”

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