What is the Importance of Safe Internet? How to Create a Safe Internet for Children?

what is the importance of safe internet how to create a safe internet for kids
what is the importance of safe internet how to create a safe internet for kids

The Internet is now indispensable for everyone... The Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives when communicating, in search of information, for entertainment and shopping, when performing banking transactions and in many other areas. In terms of being an area where all needs can be met, the internet offers a unique usage opportunity. However, there is also the other side of the coin.

Children from different age groups need the internet for various reasons, especially education. On the other hand, cyberbullying, harassment, exposure and other crimes are negative aspects of internet use. However, as keeping children away from the internet is not a solution, such negativities, which have become a serious threat, impose the responsibility of supervision on parents. So what can be done to provide a safe internet environment for children?

How to Create a Safe Internet for Children?

Both individuals and institutions play an important role in creating a safe internet environment for children. Here are the main steps that can be taken to ensure a safe internet environment.

  • Parents should first be made aware of safe internet use.
  • Awareness-raising education on informatics should be given in schools for primary school children.
  • Awareness-raising activities, including parents, should be established and carried out in schools.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations should take responsibility in this regard and produce new and effective projects on conscious internet use.
  • Universities should similarly develop projects and prepare seminars.

Of course, many more items can be counted for the formation of a secure internet. In addition to all these, the most basic way to create a safe internet environment for children is a healthy parent-child relationship. While the Internet is such an indispensable part of children's lives, the primary role in raising their awareness falls on the family. You can teach children how to use the internet by talking to them. You can remind them of the basic rules such as not clicking on links they do not know, not communicating with people they do not know. Frequently on safe internet use sohbet In addition to all these, you can take some technically complementary measures. Since the internet can be accessed through different devices today, you can apply to family filter software that has functions such as encryption and blocking harmful sites over the devices your children use. Thus, you will prevent your child from encountering potentially harmful content.

How to Get Your Child to Play Safe Games on the Internet

One of the children's favorite activities on the internet is to play online games. Unfortunately, not all games are safe for children online. So, how can you choose safe internet games for your child?

  • First of all, you can make your child turn to ad-free games. Because the ads that suddenly appear on the pages may not always have content suitable for children. Children who click on ad links may encounter unpleasant content.
  • Children can be easily affected by external factors. For this reason, you can make them prefer games that do not include fear and violence.
  • Especially for primary and secondary school children, the result of communication with people they do not know on the internet can be devastating. For this reason, you can prevent them from playing games that they can communicate with online.
  • You can review parent comments about the games your child plays on the internet.
  • You can offer your child a safe gaming environment with licensed games offered by reliable publishers.

Why is Secure Internet Necessary?

A safe internet environment is a very important issue for both children and adults. All kinds of transactions and data you make in an unsafe internet environment can be copied or stolen without permission. For this reason, you should prefer a secure internet environment, especially for your personal data.

The games that children play on the internet or the communication they establish can have an important place in their psychology. Therefore, parents need to be very sensitive about their children's use of the internet and to monitor the child's activity on the internet from time to time. So you can protect children as much as possible from cyberbullying​ or possible bad content.

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