Uber to Carry Second-Dose Vaccines for Free

uber will carry second dose vaccines for free
uber will carry second dose vaccines for free

The campaign to support the vaccination process with free rides, which was started by Uber in May in Turkey, is being expanded to include round trips to the 2nd dose vaccination with great interest from users.

Now, anyone who goes to a hospital appointment to get a Covid-19 vaccine in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir will be able to use the Uber Taxi free of charge, two times for both the first and second dose, for a total of four times.

Users who go to all private and public hospitals in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir with the Covid-19 vaccine will have the opportunity to use the Uber Taxi for free, two times per each dose to be administered, four times in total. The free ride offer is valid up to 40 TL per journey and can be used with the UBERASI code.

Neyran Bahadırlı, General Manager of Uber Turkey, said, “We have seen a great interest in our free transportation campaign with Uber Taxi, which we offer to Uber users to benefit from their vaccinations on their way to and on their return trips. For this reason, we have decided to increase the free travel entitlement for one person from two to four. Therefore, those who go to get vaccinated for the second dose can still travel with Uber Taxi. You can also use our campaign to commute to your vaccination appointment or to have a relative who will be vaccinated travel by Uber Taxi.

Reminding that Uber started to serve in İzmir as of the end of June, Bahadırlı underlined that thanks to this, more of our citizens will be able to benefit from the free travel right offered by Uber to go to their vaccination appointments.

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