TCDD's Marmaray, Başkentray and YHT Advertising Spaces Will Be Leased

tcdd's marmaray baskentray and yht advertising areas will be rented
tcdd's marmaray baskentray and yht advertising areas will be rented

From the Directorate General of TCDD Enterprise, Department of Real Estate, Central Real Estate TENDER Commission

Lease of various areas on Marmaray, Başkentray and YHT lines belonging to TCDD to third parties for advertising purposes

1- Lease of Various Areas on Marmaray, Başkentray and YHT Lines belonging to TCDD to Third Parties for Advertising Purposes, Annually VAT excluded 3.150.000,00-TL (three million hundred and fifty thousand Turkish liras) to be rented at an estimated value, will be re-tendered according to the "Closed Bid Procedure" .
2- The tender will be held on 10.08.2021 at 14.00 by the TR STATE RAILWAYS GENERAL DIRECTORATE Central Real Estate Tender Commission at the address "Hacı Bayram Mahallesi Hipodrom Caddesi No: 3 06050 Altındağ / ANKARA".
3- A contract valid for 10 YEARS will be concluded for the rental business subject to the tender, from the site delivery date.
4- Local bidders can participate in the tender.
5-The documents of the tender can be viewed free of charge at the GENERAL DIRECTORATE of TR STATE RAILWAYS MANAGEMENT Real Estate Department, as well as TCDD's “” can also be viewed on the internet.
6- Of the bidders who will participate in the tender;
a) The bid bond fee will be 94.500,00-TL (ninety-four thousand five hundred Turkish lira), and if cash is deposited, a receipt indicating that it has been deposited to the relevant bank account of the General Directorate of TCDD, by 14.00 on the tender day at the latest. (If it is given as a letter of guarantee, it will be for at least 1 (One) Year)
b) Tender specification price is 2.000,00-TL (Two thousand Turkish Liras) excluding VAT, and the receipt of the purchase of the specification,
c) Documents requested in the section of the Considerations Regarding Participation in the Tender in the administrative specification of the TCDD Marmaray, Başkentray and YHT Lines, for the leasing of various Areas for Advertising Purposes to third parties,
7- Letter of Offer,
8- Those who want to participate in the tender shall submit the tender dossier to the Central Immovable Tender Commission Presidency of the GENERAL DIRECTORATE of TR STATE RAILWAYS MANAGEMENT until 10.08.2021 at 14.00 at the latest.
9- Bids made by mail are valid, applications that are not made either by mail or in person within the time limit, and which lack documents that will change the basis of the tender, will not be accepted.
10- If there is no participation in the tender made with the Closed Bid Method or if the prices offered are not approved by the commission, the tender will be cancelled. If there is only one participation in the tender made with the Closed Bid Method or if there is only one valid bid left, the tender will continue with the Negotiation Method, however; If no results are obtained from the bargaining procedure and it is deemed appropriate by the Commission; BARGAIN PROCEDURE Article 48 (ç) will be applied between the bidders on the days and hours stated below.

If the bidder is within (15) fifteen days from the date of the tender, on 25.08.2021, at 14.00,

If the applicant does not appear within this period, (30) in thirty days, at 09.09.2021:14.00 on XNUMX,

Again, in case there is no bidder, if there is a bidder within 45 (forty-five) days, the last time on 24.09.2021, at 14.00, the bargaining procedure will be applied. If there is no bidder or no result, the tender will be cancelled.

11- TCDD is not subject to the "State Tender Law" numbered 2886 and the "Public Procurement Law" numbered 4734 in this tender. It is completely free whether to tender this work, to bid partially, to tender to any bidder or to re-make the tender in any way it wishes. However, related articles of Law No. 4734 and 4735 will be applied in matters such as prohibited acts or behaviors, penalties and prohibition from tenders. Bidders who submitted bids have accepted and committed in advance that they will not object to this issue.

Notified to the concerned.


  • General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise Real Estate DepartmentHacıbayram Mah. Hippodrome Cad. No:3 Altindag / ANKARA
  • TEL: 0 312 520 42 38/4408
  • FAX:0 312 520 62 08

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