Sinovac Begins Work on Creating a New Vaccine for the Delta Variant

sinovac has started work on producing a new vaccine for the delta variant
sinovac has started work on producing a new vaccine for the delta variant

After the increase in the number of Kovid-19 cases all over the world and in China in recent days, the debate has begun on whether the vaccines are effective against the Delta variant. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that someone who has used the vaccine can get the delta variant, but the vaccine will slightly reduce the risk of being infected and effectively prevent the worst consequences, such as severe symptoms and death. Chinese companies that deliver vaccines to many parts of the world also made a statement on the subject and gave information about the degree of protection of vaccines.

Yang Guang, the chief commercial officer of Sinovac, which produces the CoronaVac vaccine, which is also widely used in Turkey, said that positive results were obtained in the serum neutralization antibody research of the Delta virus of the vaccine made in the laboratories. However, Yang said that the company has started to develop a new vaccine against the delta variant.

Yang Xiaoming, Chairman of the Board of CNBG, affiliated with Sinopharm, said in his statement, “In experiments conducted in the laboratory, after using the vaccine, serum samples from people with immune strength and neutralization of many virus variants occurred as a result of neutralization experiments. In other words, Sinopharm's vaccines can still provide effective protection.”

Source: China International Radio



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