Izotaş İzmir Bus Terminal Vaccine Stand Attracts Great Interest

izotas izmir bus station asi stand attracts great attention
izotas izmir bus station asi stand attracts great attention

The vaccine stand opened in Izotaş İzmir Bus Station, which had lively days before the holiday, provided great convenience to the citizens. Citizens who were vaccinated got on their buses and set out for the provinces where they would spend the holiday.

Due to the fact that July 15 is a public holiday, the holiday journey of the citizens started one week in advance. At Izotaş İzmir Bus Terminal, where 50 thousand people travel daily one week before the holiday, the number of daily passengers is expected to exceed 80 thousand towards the holiday.

Speaking about the vaccination application point carried out at İzmir Bus Station, Murat Niyazoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Izotaşİzmir Bus Station, said, “We carried out a joint study with the İzmir Provincial Health Directorate within the scope of the fight against Covid-19. As a result of this cooperation, the mobile vaccine team continues to operate in our terminal. The vaccine stand of the Provincial Health Directorate team is located in front of our entrance doors, where passenger circulation is the most intense. Due to the approaching holiday density, many more people can be reached in vaccination. At the vaccination point, passengers, employees and anyone who crosses the road to Izotaş can be vaccinated. No appointment required. In this context, as Izotaş management, we would like to thank our Ministry of Health first and then our healthcare professionals who fulfill their duties with great enthusiasm. We will always continue to support them. This is our civic duty first and foremost," he said.

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