Buca Career Support for Unemployment Problem

So much career support to unemployment problem
So much career support to unemployment problem

Buca Kariyer, which was implemented to support the job-seeking citizens and the employer's qualified personnel problem, contributed to employment. The platform, which was put into service by the Municipality of Buca during the coronavirus process, made 188 people employed.

Buca Municipality became a bridge between job seekers and employers during the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19). Thanks to the career platform serving on the website “bucakariyer.com”, the municipality has enabled citizens residing in Buca and looking for a job to easily apply for job positions opened by companies.


The platform has created a solution to the qualified personnel problem experienced by employers as well as citizens seeking employment. In the remaining period, 10 different companies conducted 16 interviews and provided interviews with 672 participants. As a result of the interviews, 188 people were interviewed

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