Top 2 Medals in Tokyo from National Taekwondo players Hatice and Hakan

first medal national taekwondo players hatice and hakan in tokyo
first medal national taekwondo players hatice and hakan in tokyo

National taekwondo players Hatice Kübra İlgün and Hakan Reçber, bronze medalists at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games kazanwas.

Turkey's first medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games came from taekwondo. Hatice Kübra İlgün in the women's 57 kilos and Hakan Reçber in the men's 68 kilos won the bronze medal. Medal in taekwondo after Turkey's inclusion in the Olympic program kazanThe tradition continued in Tokyo.

Hatice Kübra İlgün defeated Costa Rica's Nishi Lee Lindo Alvarez 16-5 in the first round match and advanced to the quarter-finals. Our national taekwondo lost her gold medal chance by losing 17-9 to Anastajia Zolotic from the United States in the quarterfinals. Hatice Kübra İlgün went to the repechage match after Zolotic reached the final.

Hatice Kübra İlgün qualified for the bronze medal match by defeating Nada Laaraj from Morocco 6-0 in the repechage fight. kazanwas. The crescent-star taekwondo player defeated Kimia Alizadeh from the Refugee Olympic Team 8-6 and became the 3rd in the Olympics.

Hatice Kübra İlgün, who shed tears of victory after the match, toured the hall with our flag.

Hakan Reçber beat Edival Pontes from Brazil 25-18 in the first round match and advanced to the quarter-finals. Having lost 39-19 points to Bradly Sinden from Great Britain in the quarter-finals, Hakan Reçber was repeached as his opponent advanced to the finals.

Our national taekwondo won the bronze medal match by defeating Tom Burns from New Zealand 23-8 in the repechage fight. kazanwas. Hakan Reçber won the bronze medal by defeating Nedzad Husic from Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020-68 in the men's 22 kg category at the Tokyo 13 Olympic Games kazanwas.

Hakan Reçber, who was very happy, took a victory tour in the hall with the Turkish flag.


Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu also shared the great excitement. Minister Kasapoğlu was the first to congratulate the athletes who achieved great success.

Federation President Prof. Dr. Metin Şahin, "To our country kazanWe are experiencing the indescribable happiness of adding new Olympic medals to the Olympic medals we have awarded. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this great achievement. Reflecting his support and trust in us since the beginning of the process, our Minister, Mr. Dr. I would like to thank Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu on behalf of our community.”

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