Ziya Selçuk Answered the Question When Schools Will Open

Ziya Selcuk answered the question of when schools will open
Ziya Selcuk answered the question of when schools will open

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk answered the curious questions about the education agenda in the program "Anadolu Asks" broadcast on many local channels. Selçuk urged everyone to comply with the measures, especially during the Eid al-Adha, so that the number of Kovid-19 cases would not increase, and stated that they wanted to open schools on September 6.

Minister Ziya Selçuk answered the questions about the education agenda in the program "Anadolu Asks", which is broadcast live on local televisions.

Asked by our Ministry whether the activities within the scope of the “I'm In for Recovery” program, which is implemented by our Ministry for students to spend their holidays productively, are in all provinces, Selçuk said that there are activities in all districts of 81 provinces and that approximately 8 million students participate in them.

Selcuk, on the question about the contribution of the I Am in Remediation program to revealing the talents of the students, reminded that they carried out a study with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to determine the sports areas that children are prone to.

Noting that many activities were organized within the scope of this program, Selçuk said; He explained that in activities such as archery, chess, and darts, the areas in which children are talented also emerged.

Minister Selçuk underlined that students from all provinces can participate in the ongoing program, I'm In for Remediation, whenever they want.

School opening date

Minister Selçuk said, “When will the schools open?” In response to the question, “Turkey should not have anything more important than opening schools at this stage.” said.

Calling all citizens to comply with the Kovid-19 measures during the Eid al-Adha, Selçuk said, “Let's be careful during the Eid period, let's do whatever it takes to prevent the number of cases from increasing. Let's do this for our children, for the future of this country, for the mental health of the children of this country. We need it." he said.

Minister Selçuk emphasized that everyone should do their part for the opening of schools and emphasized the following:

“We will open schools. This country should no longer confine their children to their homes, and should not tire their teachers any more. We should not tire our parents more. We should open our schools, I hope we will open them on September 6th. Together we will do whatever it takes.”

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