What Should Be Considered When Comparing Power Transmission Products?

What to consider when comparing power transmission products
What to consider when comparing power transmission products

When choosing power transmission products, the life of the product is important. At the beginning of the factors affecting the life of the products are incorrect use and improper maintenance.

Product diversity draws attention in the power transmission product market. While Europe constitutes 40 percent of the product market, 35 percent is domestic and 25 percent is Far Eastern origin. Due to the high brand awareness of products of European origin, the price difference between Far Eastern products draws attention. At this point, the important thing when making a choice is the life of the product.


In power transmission products, the life of the product is affected by improper use and improper maintenance. The effect of the origin of the product on the life of the product is negligible when compared to the correct use. What needs to be done for correct use is to inform all technical personnel such as engineers, technicians and foremen of the companies about the use of power transmission products and maintenance practices with applied trainings on the subject. In order to have the infrastructure to continuously increase the efficiency of industrial organizations with power transmission trainings and products, the financial and logistics structure of the supplier company must be strong.


Silkar Endaş offers simultaneous sales and training of power transmission products with different features and prices for product comparison. It represents many brands such as FAG & INA, NSK, KG, GBM, HRB, MGM in the field of bearings. In addition, lubrication, sealing, disassembly and assembly and power transmission affecting the life of the bearing; In product groups such as chains, belts, couplings and pulleys, it is available in the Turkish market with OKS, SIMRIT, GARLOCK, FENIX, REXNORD, MEGADYNE, OPTIBELT brands.

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