GÖKBEY Helicopter's Full Length Static Test Continues

The full-length static test of the gokbey helicopter continues
The full-length static test of the gokbey helicopter continues

TAI continues full-length static tests (Full Scale Static-FSST) of T625 GÖKBEY Utility Helicopter without slowing down

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) continues to create domestic and national gains for Turkey within the framework of the National Technology Move. TAI is performing another first in the world in the Full Scale Static Test (FSST), which enables unique products to test critical parts before carrying out flight activities.

TUSAŞ, in terms of volume, with the T625 GÖKBEY, which it has subjected to a full static test, has accomplished a first for Turkey as well as the biggest test in TAI history.

With the T625 GÖKBEY, where the entire helicopter body is loaded and critical parts are tested, full-length static testing is carried out with 96 control channels, while the helicopter body is loaded at 96 different points and directions. In full-length static tests, which include 32 different test scenarios, sensor data is collected from approximately 2 channels. The collected data is analyzed by drawing structural strain maps on the hull. At the end of the tests, the structural strength limits of the helicopter fuselage will be revealed and certification processes will be initiated with safe flight.

While the tests carried out within the scope of the GÖKBEY project started with 2014 engineers in 4, it increased 2021 times in 8 and reached 32 engineers and technicians. The facility, equipped with world-class equipment and infrastructure, has a closed area of ​​3200 square meters and can perform 60 different tests at 60 different stations at the same time when it operates at full capacity.

T625 GÖKBEY General Purpose Helicopter

Within the scope of GÖKBEY General Purpose Helicopter Program, cockpit equipment, automatic flight control computer, condition monitoring computer, mission and flight management software for nationally developed military and civilian light class prototype helicopters have been developed by ASELSAN in accordance with civilian certification and are integrated into helicopters. In this context, equipment deliveries for civilian helicopters have been completed. Certification flights of GÖKBEY civil configuration helicopter continue. It can be used in many missions such as Helicopter, VIP, Cargo, Air Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Offshore Transport.

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry

Turkish Aerospace Industries, fixed and rotary wing air platforms from unmanned aerial vehicles and space systems up to integrate aviation and design of aerospace systems, development, modernization, manufacturing, integration and life cycle support of Turkey's technology center; It is among the global players in the aviation, space and defense industries.

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