Otokar Tulpar Successfully Completed the Tests It Entered in Kazakhstan

Otokar tulpar successfully completed the tests it entered in Kazakhstan
Otokar tulpar successfully completed the tests it entered in Kazakhstan

Tulpar Armored Combat Vehicle, developed by Otokar, successfully completed the tests held in Kazakhstan. Otokar Tulpar Armored Combat Vehicle successfully completed the tests organized by the Kazakhstan Armed Forces. Tulpar in the tests; exhibited their mobility in different environments such as muddy terrain, pond, meadow, pothole and sloping road. In addition to their mobility, the capabilities of the countermeasure and weapon turret were also exhibited.

It is possible to observe that Tulpar, whose aiming and shooting abilities were tested while stationary and in motion, is equipped with a new version of the Mızrak-30 gun turret, also developed by Otokar. The tower includes fog mortars, an electro-optical system and a small mast. Considering that Kazakhstan generally uses Eastern Bloc ammunition, it is possible that the turret is equipped with a cannon that uses Russian 30x173 ammunition instead of Western 30x165mm.

Tulpar Armored Combat Vehicle

TULPAR; It can effectively support new generation tanks on the battlefield, have the best ballistic and mine protection in its class, provide high fire support to the deployed squad personnel, offer superior mobility in the harshest climatic conditions and heavy terrain conditions, and can be used in different missions, including residential missions and peacekeeping operations. It is designed as a convenient multi-purpose vehicle platform. TULPAR, which offers all the mission equipment that may be needed on the battlefield as standard; With its technical and tactical features such as portability, modular protection structure, electronic infrastructure and low silhouette, the A400M is the armored combat vehicle of the future.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Maximum Vehicle Weight: 28000 kg – 45000 kg
  • Maximum Personnel Capacity: 12, driver and commander, gunner and 9 squad personnel
  • Length: 7200 mm
  • Width: 3450 mm
  • Height: (Above body) 2100 mm
  • Abdominal Height: 450 mm
  • Engine: Turbocharged Diesel Engine 700 HP – 1100 HP
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Suspension: Torsion Shaft System, Hydraulic Damper Automatic Track Tensioner System
  • Track System: Rubber Track / Steel Track with Changeable Pads
  • Electrical System: 24 V, 12 V 120 Ah maintenance free batteries, 28 V alternator

Performance Values

  • Max Speed: 70 km / h
  • Flooding: 1500 mm
  • Side Slope: 40%
  • Steep Slope: 60%
  • Vertical Obstacle: 1000 mm
  • Trench Crossing: 2600 mm
  • Movement Range: 500 km

Source: defenceturk

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