Differences Between Nutrition and Nutrition

Differences between eating and eating
Differences between eating and eating

A balanced diet is important not only for reaching the ideal weight but also for a healthy and long life. Especially during the pandemic period, a balanced diet is required to protect the body against diseases and to increase its resistance.

However, can we eat healthy food while eating healthy? If we take healthy foods in a sufficient and balanced amount, the body as a whole gains a balance.

Each of the foods we eat contains a variety of nutrients that perform a specific function in the body. Some of these nutrients heal and repair certain tissues that are components of our body, such as bones, muscles, skin, hair, teeth and nails; others provide energy or help to remove toxins that may pose a danger to the body. Therefore, it is important to eat a variety of foods that contain the right amount of each nutrient.

By taking the necessary amount of macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fat, water) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), it is ensured that the body remains healthy, grows properly and works effectively. The phrase "you are what you eat" means that the body responds well or badly to the food it takes. The importance of a balanced diet and healthy life has been known for many years to protect our body health from genetic and environmental influences. However, if the food we eat can produce healthy cells in the body, a healthy and long life can be achieved. The way to realize this process is without food.

Does nutrition mean healthy food?

Nutrition; It is a voluntary, conscious and therefore educational process and depends on the free decision of the individual. For this reason, the subject of "healthy eating" requires correct awareness. Nutrition is undoubtedly a compulsory habit that affects human health the most. If nutrition is carried out as a conscious, selective and active action, it will be food.

Explaining the difference between nutrition and nourishment, Dr. Infinity Regenerative Clinic, Chief Physician. Yıldıray Tanrıver; nutrition is an action called eating / feeding, while nutrition is an organic process by which an organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and maintenance.

Defining nutrition as a “conscious, selective and active nutritional action”, Dr. Tanrıver explains healthy nutrition as the whole of physiological processes in which the human body obtains the necessary elements for growth, development and maintaining its vital processes, as well as similar functions such as obtaining energy, regenerating tissues, and ensuring new and healthy cell production.

Stating that the quality measure of a food is related to the amount of energy it provides and the amount of nutrients it contains, Infinity Regenerative Clinic Chief Physician Dr. Yıldıray Tanrıver; “It does not mean that every nutrient contained in a food is needed. If one food is over-consumed and the other is not consumed enough or unnecessarily, some body functions that reflect general health are affected. The problem with establishing a balanced diet is that although a basic model can be fixed, it is not always adapted to the needs of each individual. Age, lifestyle, and even climate can affect the nutrient balance that every person needs. However, what is important is that nutrient-rich, healthy foods must be consumed in order to get a healthy age, especially when the body is in the age of growth and development and especially in adolescence.

Alkali diet also provides a great support to proper nutrition.

Alkaline nutrition is more than a diet or detox concept, it is a nutrition and lifestyle. In alkaline nutrition, which is known as the most effective method for the body to work as a whole; Since harmful foods such as refined sugar, trans fat, yeast and packaged products are not consumed, the whole body works in harmony. By choosing an alkaline diet, the individual focuses on strengthening and protecting the immune system, eliminating the damage caused by unhealthy and acidic nutrition, and providing cellular regeneration by bringing the body chemistry to alkaline pH balance. The body, which does not get tired with acidic foods, neither needs to store fat nor exhausts the organs when it says that I will remove an unhealthy food from the body. Anyone who chooses an alkaline diet in their eating habits as a daily diet will stay away from foods that will harm the body and take a good step for health.

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