High Speed ​​Train Workshop Produced Good Results

The fast train running produced good results
The fast train running produced good results

Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) April Assembly Meeting was held as a video conference under the chairmanship of Çetin Yıldırım, Councilor. After reading the March decision summaries, trial balance and expense lists were discussed and approved by majority vote. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Eken informed the Assembly Members about the activities of the Board of Directors.

Stating that the High Speed ​​Train Workshop produced good results, President Mustafa Eken said, “The High Speed ​​Train Workshop was a really good work. May Allah be pleased with everyone who contributes. I thank our councilors who attended. It was one of the successful works of our chamber to Sivas and the region. Our governor, our mayor and all the participants announced that this important workshop was held successfully. The results of our workshop have been completed and turned into a report. It will be converted into a booklet in the coming days. It will be shared with all concerned. We will also inform the relevant authorities about the results. Everyone will take their part. What is Sivas doing, what should she do, is she ready or not? When our duty as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is over, it is not. We will complete our task together with booklets in the sense of a workshop. Then we will follow up. I would like to thank my councilors and businessmen who attended. I would like to thank our Governor, Mayor, provincial protocol, academicians and everyone who participated in our workshop ”.

Emphasizing that there is no place left in the 1. OSB, President Eken said that the places that were not purchased and processed or used as warehouses were canceled.

President Eken noted the following; “We continue the OIZ meetings. We have no place left. Except for a few plots of land, we have no space to allocate. There are places that were previously allocated and used as warehouses, or we have friends who were taken as land but did not do it even when the time came. We have done the necessary procedures regarding these. We have canceled nearly 10 plots so far. We do not want to cancel anyone's land. We also have to make room for what to do. Regarding this, we, as our governor, mayor and chamber president, apply the same decision. Infrastructure works of Demirağ OIZ continue. There is no problem with the allowance for now. As long as work is done. There is something we are always talking about. The decree was not signed. We have unlimited faith and trust in our Mr. President. The fact that the decree has not been signed up to now also makes us a little worried. "

Stating that everyone is responsible for the growth and development of Sivas, our President Eken said, “In order to avoid unemployment problems in our province, we need to develop our industry in order to overcome this situation. We put our hands and bodies under the stone for the infrastructure and works of Gemerek OSB and Şarkışla OSB, and we continue to put it. Demirağ OIZ should be finished as soon as possible. Thousands of people will eat bread with the investors who come there. Sivas should be included in the center of attraction as a whole. It's not just Demirağ. We took Demirağ's word. However, while making that promise, our President said that we will improve Sivas in general. I hope a visit to our President is planned under the leadership of our governor, deputies and mayor. In 2021, we all have duties for the growth and development of Sivas. "If factories come to Sivas with High Speed ​​Train, 2nd University, Demirağ OSB and Sivas, if industry comes, if agriculture develops, our city will come to its deserved place.

President Eken concluded his words as follows; “He made a presentation with our architect friend and company officials who prepared our project at the meeting last month about our building on Bankalar Caddesi. We talked about our ideas and thoughts there. Our project was delivered to ORAN Development Agency. If nothing goes wrong, we will start our construction in May. I congratulate all of you both the month of Ramadan and your Eid. May Allah give us the opportunity to spend many Ramadan and holidays in peace, health and happiness. "

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