İZBAN Workers Demand Equal Wages for Equal Work

Izban workers demand equal wages if they are equal
Izban workers demand equal wages if they are equal

The last meeting of the collective bargaining negotiations concerning 330 workers in İZBAN will be held on Friday. Workers demand equal pay for equal work. Speaking to the National Channel, Hamdullah Giral, Head of the Railways Work Union Branch, said that we insist on a solution at the table without going on strike.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 5th term partner company of my collective agreement between the trade unions Railways process continues in izban-Business Izmir Branch. In the collective agreement concerning 330 workers, the first 60 days expires on 24 January.

Saying that there is no raise offer by the employer, Izmir Branch President of the Railroad-İş Union, Hamdullah Giral said, “With the last meeting we will hold on January 22, the first 60 days will be over. If the proposal is not received in the session tomorrow, we have to legally keep the dispute minutes. Then the 15-day mediation process will begin. If an agreement cannot be reached in the mediator, we will take a strike decision as required by law so that the authority of our union does not fall. If there is no agreement within the next 60 days, then we will go on strike ”and explained the process.

Stating that they have a collective agreement with a total of 62 articles, Giral said that most of the administrative articles have been agreed, but there is a conflict in the articles related to wages.


Stating that the employees at İZBAN receive the minimum wage, Giral said, “10-year staff receive a net 2 lira, and since the minimum wage is now net 719 lira, all employees receive the minimum wage. Our aim is to get the reward of our labor. Our demands are not very high amounts. We demand equalization of social benefits, bonuses and wages with other companies of the municipality. There is a 2-825 percent difference between us and other companies in terms of wages. Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer had the discourse of 'equal pay for equal work', we want this to be realized. We do not want all of İZBAN's earnings, we only want the value of our labor and a wage that we can afford ”.


Stating that they will take a strike decision if an agreement cannot be reached during the TİS and the mediator process, Giral said, “When our deadline expires on January 24, if we do not receive a fee offer, we have to legally disagree. We have a 15-day mediation period after the dispute is held. We have to request a mediator from the competent authority. The mediator will try to reconcile in 15 days, and there is a mediator report period of 6 days. If we cannot reach an agreement all this time, we will decide to strike. "We can set the strike date within 60 days after the strike decision is posted, at any time we want, provided that we notify the employer 1 week in advance."



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