All Businesses Should Be Opened With Strict Measures, Without Too Late!

All businesses should be opened without delay with strict measures
All businesses should be opened without delay with strict measures

Stating that food and beverage establishments should be opened, Mehmet Günak, owner and operator of gourmet dairy, delicatessen and breakfast hall (Ankara), TOBB delegate delegate, said, 'Considering that the businesses cannot survive any longer with the take-away service or' come and take ' , restaurant, patisserie, cafe, cafeteria etc. Food and beverage establishments should be opened by HES code application and taking necessary precautions! ' said. businessperson Mehmet Günak made important statements on the subject.

Business person Günak, 'Corona virus measures applied for a long time; Thousands of businesses are having a very difficult time because food and beverage places such as restaurants, restaurants, patisseries, cafes, cafeterias provide only take-away service between 10.00 and 20.00 and only phone or online order service after 20.00. It should be taken into account that the capacity and monthly expense tables of each enterprise are different from each other, that most of the enterprises have debt to banks and that approximately 2 million people work in restaurants. Underlining that businesses whose incomes are reduced to a minimum as a result of the prohibitions may face closure unless necessary regulations are made, businessperson Mehmet Günak made the following suggestions;

All businesses should open with strict measures

  1. All businesses are opened, as in public transportation, aircraft and shopping malls, and employees and customers can log in to the businesses with the Hes code.
  2. The priority of vaccination should be continued with the service sector, food and beverage sector after healthcare workers and the risk should be minimized.
  3. Necessary penalties should be given to those who do not comply with the required distance between the tables.
  4. Hygiene rules are applied at the highest level and necessary inspections are carried out continuously.
  5. Hour restriction removed

Proposing Mehmet Günak, if the restrictions continue, 40% of the enterprises will not be able to be opened again due to this process and the economic and social problems will be brought about by the situation and a great loss of employment will be faced. He said that it is of great importance to implement the HES code of food and beverage enterprises and to open them by taking the necessary precautions in order not to start late and difficult days in this process when vaccination is started.


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