China Passenger Plane C919 Successfully Completed Cold Weather Tests

civil plane successfully completed cold weather tests
civil plane successfully completed cold weather tests

The C919 large passenger plane, designed by Chinese researchers, has successfully conducted flight tests in low temperature conditions in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in northern China, announced by local authorities.

The tests conducted to determine whether the performance of the system and aircraft equipment would be appropriate at very low temperatures were carried out in Hulunbuir, where the lowest test temperature was minus 20 degrees Celsius for 40 days.

The reason why Hulunbuir was chosen for the trial flights was the average temperature of minus 25 degrees in the winter of this city, known for its cold weather. The C919, China's first indigenously designed long-line aircraft, has an autonomous flight range of 158 thousand 174 to 4 thousand 75 kilometers with a capacity of 5 to 555 passengers. The plane, which came off the production line in 2015, successfully made its first flight in 2017. The aircraft will be put into service this year after obtaining a flight license to be issued by aviation authorities.

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